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To Guttenberg’s Fortune

Zu Guttenberg fortune -Zu Guttenberg fortuneZadow 24 is expecting offspring in the world of Cologne 50667! They met a few people. It has been a comforting certainty for a few days: Luise-Isabella Matejczyk and Pascal Zadow of 50667 Cologne are in a relationship; They met on the set the day before the soap opera! From initial pals, the two gradually became more.

The couple have been together for about a month. But how do Luise and Pascal manage their age difference in real life? The 22-year-old young man and his 30-year-old girlfriend have been together for eight years and the two lovers do not hide it. In RTL2’s couple interview, Luise pointed out, “I’ve always been open about the subject of age differences.” “This is not my first relationship in which my boyfriend is younger than me,” she says.

Her character Lea is also in a relationship with a younger man, Oskar Marcel Thorwesten, who is only 17 years old. But how did the couple’s friends and family react to the revelation of their relationship? “Very encouraging. Everyone could see it clearly.” Luise was delighted. “If you have encouragement from all sides, it’s even easier and more beautiful.” Pascal was also delighted with the positive response: ” It makes us even stronger.

Net worth of Zu Guttenberg: 600 million euros (estimate)

But we are already strong personalities.” Luise-Isabell Matejczyk has not only fallen in love with a younger man in his role as “Lea”. Pascal Zadow “Luca”, a colleague and friend, is also eight years old. less than Luise – Isabel.In conversation, they discuss how they deal with their age difference and how it affects their relationship.WINNETKA, ILLINOIS — A triumphant show of support after tragedy.

Members of a local community gathered on Monday to express their hope that the death of two people in a drunken car crash will be a wake-up call for the promising young rich boy who was guilty. “Let’s hope that this small setback will turn out to be a turning point… Pascal Zadow was born on June 22, 1997 in Oberhausen. He is 1.80 meters tall. Cancer is his zodiac sign.

To Guttenberg’s Fortune

Pascal Zadow completed his training with Abitur. He completed an apprenticeship as a cutting mechanic and then took further training as a cutting technician. Among other things, he worked as a model before coming to Cologne 50667. He moved to Cologne at the beginning of 2020 for his role as Luca Schmitz. He moved to Cologne in early 2020 for his role as Luca Schmitz.

Pascal Zadow is a tattoo collector. Inside his right arm is the inscription “Adventure”, on his left arm is an image of the ancient Egyptian god Anubis and on his right arm is the initial of his mother’s name and the year of birth of his father. Pascal is currently dating Luise-Isabell Matejczyk, another character from the series. On January 7, 2013, RTL II broadcast “Köln 50667”. The soap opera is broadcast in the early evening from Monday to Friday for 45 minutes. Originally, only 120 episodes were planned. Due to the excellent ratings, the season was extended indefinitely.

Day & Night” is strongly influenced by “Cologne 50667”. The show takes place in the old town of Cologne, near the cathedral. The zip code for this location is 50667. All images are built around the aesthetic of a shaky handheld camera. In order to maintain the suspense, scenes are often cut unexpectedly. Between the different personalities and the different places and acts.

You quickly change back and forth. Filming takes place in Cologne-Ehrenfeld, Cologne-Mülheim in Jules’ shared accommodation, Cologne-Raderberg in Kevin’s shared accommodation in Cologne-Wahn and elsewhere. Toni’s roommate in Cologne-Rodenkirchen, Vanity Club and Meikes Bar were added as filming locations. The locations changed during filming. The Cage Club is no longer used for filming.

A short intro with small snippets of scenes from the episode will air before the show begins. The theme music “It’s My Life” by Dr. Albanian. The intro was changed in 2015 due to the withdrawal of cast members who dropped out. Famous buildings in Cologne can be seen in the background of the intro.*1 Note: After clicking or tapping on the link, you will be redirected to the registration page of our newsletter provider Sendinblue.

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To Guttenberg’s Fortune

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