You’re Nothing Special : The new Spanish teen series lands on Netflix

The streaming platform with the red logo is constantly releasing new original creations at the moment. You’re Nothing Special has all the ingredients of the perfect teen series: romance, drama, comedy and a touch of magic! The first season is already available on Netflix.

Amaia finds herself in the obligation to leave Barcelona to go and live in the village where her mother was born. This means that our heroine will have to enroll in a new school where she will know absolutely nobody. The situation could not be worse, but when she discovers that she has inherited her grandmother’s powers, her vision of life changes completely.

You’re Nothing Special : Discover the trailer of the fiction

Amaia’s grandmother had the reputation of being the village witch, so when her granddaughter moves to Salabarria, the students at her school inevitably hope that she will have the same abilities as her grandmother. The staging of You’re Nothing Special was entrusted to Estíbaliz Burgaleta (creator of the Spanish version of SKAM).

Viewers seem to have greatly appreciated the first images of the Spanish original creation since the comments under the trailer are very positive. The six episodes have already been uploaded to Netflix and are waiting for you!

Who is in the cast of You’re Nothing Special on Netflix?

The main role has been entrusted to Delia Brufau (The girls of the Rink) and the love interest of our heroine will be played by Óscar de la Fuente (The other side, The Silence of the Marsh). Then we can discover : Jaime Wang, Elia Galera, Ainara Pérez and Jordi Aguilar. The cast of You’re Nothing Special is thus exclusively composed of Spanish actors.

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What is the release date for You’re Nothing Special on Netflix?

The series is available on Netflix since a few hours since the release date of You’re Nothing Special was set for Friday, September 2, 2022. Several thousand subscribers have already viewed the new original creation, so what are you waiting for? And if you were not convinced, you can always go and discover “Devil In Ohio”.