Willow Season 2: Disney+ decides not to renew its original creation

It’s news that may surprise many, but the streaming platform with the blue logo has made the decision not to extend the adventures of Willow. The actor who interprets the latter had recently said in an interview that he would be very happy to resume his role in a possible season 2. However, he had added that the renewal would depend on the ratings of the first season.

Obviously, the original creation did not convince the subscribers of the American company since the media Deadline (very reliable source) has just confirmed that Disney+ will not order season 2 of Willow.

In general it takes between four and eight weeks before knowing the fate of a series produced by the streaming giants. Warwick Davis will thus unfortunately not have the opportunity to resume his role in the season 2 of Willow but maybe Disney+ will propose him a new fiction … If you’re looking for a program to binge-watch, you can check out our Netflix new releases schedule for the week. It will surely allow you to find a nugget to put you under the tooth!

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