Will Carina Walz also appear in the new DSDS season?

But now, the head judge returns for the 20th season of the talent show. A few days ago, the broadcaster confirmed that Dieter Bohlen would be celebrating again next year. Does this also apply to Carina? There is no clear answer to this yet.

“In fact, we found the weather really pleasant”

In an interview with celebrity magazine “Exclusive,” Bohlen raves about her partner at least in the highest tones and reveals that she’s completely behind her comeback. “We actually found the weather quite pleasant, I was sitting at home the whole time,” the 68-year-old said.

She said to him: ‚ÄúThink carefully, if you really want to start over. But Carina also supported him and said: “You can move anywhere on this planet, I will always come with you.”

He searched for the superstar for 19 years, and after 40 years he finally found the right woman. But it’s just: “I’m entitled to it too!” I made so many mistakes, what do you call it, but I got lucky once. Maybe soon together again in front of the camera?

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