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Torsten Strater Jung

Torsten Sträter Jung – They first met when they were 18 and 15. At the time of the incident, Hansi Flick was still a professional footballer. He is currently the head coach of FC Bayern Munich as well as the head coach of the German national football team. In his own home, he enjoys spending time with his two daughters and two grandchildren.

Hans-Dieter Flick, better known as Hansi, was born on February 24, 1965 in Heidelberg. Flick is a former German soccer player and current national coach. As a politician, Silke Flick and her children live in the Electoral Palatinate. Hansi Flick prefers to keep his private life private. Despite this, his reputation as a loving father and husband is well established.

When he met Silke, the love of his life, he was 18 years old. At the time of the incident, Silke Flick was only 15 years old. The couple married and had children in their early to mid-twenties. In 1995, Flick and his wife founded a sports store in their home town of Bummental. He and his wife ran the store together until 2017. Many aspects of Silke’s character pique Hansi’s interest. He considers her one of his most faithful confidants. She gives him a fresh look and points him in the right direction with her clear perspective.

He also had his wife as a safety net. He’s been with him through good times and bad over the years. Silke Flick and Hansi Flick have two children, Hannah and Kathrin. Both parents and their offspring grew up in Bemmental. Kathrin also worked as a marketing manager at Hansi and Silke Flick. No one can deny that Hannah is a gifted photographer. Thanks to their two children, Hansi and Silke Flick now have two grandchildren. The two newlyweds have decided to keep their maiden names after the wedding.

Marriage and family ties are important to Hansi and Silke Flick. Hansi Flick was a professional footballer when he was young. He started his career as a young leader in several organizations. At the age of 20 he was signed by FC Bayern Munich as a professional player. Over the next five years, he played 104 Bundesliga games for the club as a midfielder.

1. FC Köln signed him as a professional player in 1990. One goal was all he could show for his efforts in the 1993 season. In order to end his career as a professional ice hockey player , Hansi Flick had to stop at the age of 28 due to several chronic illnesses. The support of his wife Silke Flick has been immeasurable during this difficult time. One of his proudest accomplishments was winning the World Championship in 2014.

Torsten Strater Jung

During his coaching career, Hansi Flick received numerous awards. Silke Flick was there to honor each and everyone. As a proud wife, she can’t wait to see her husband’s results at the 2018 World Cup. In 1996, he started his coaching career as a player-manager at FC Victoria Bemmental in the Oberliga Baden -Württemberg. At the end of the 1998/99 season the team was relegated to the Verbandsliga Nordbaden, where Flick worked for another season.

After taking over as coach of TSG 1899 Hoffenheim in the 2000/01 season, he reached the Regionalliga Süd as season champion. Flick earned his coaching license in 2003 while studying at the German Sports University in Cologne. Along with the other nominees, he and Thomas Doll were voted best of the year.

Flick was dismissed as manager of FC Bayern Munich on 20 November 2005 after the club failed to qualify for the second Bundesliga. Giovanni Trapattoni and Lothar Matthäus hired him as an assistant coach at FC Red Bull Salzburg. On August 23, 2006, the German Football Association appointed him Joachim Löw’s assistant national coach and has since been in charge of the German national team.

In a subsequent press release, DFB selected Flick as their first choice for the assistant manager position, despite having never worked there before. It was the first national team coaching combination, and Löw and Flick had never played for the national team.

Off the field, Flick has created databases to track the physical and technical improvement of athletes nationwide. Flick was involved in creating databases for the growth of the German youth football team.

With UEFA suspending Joachim Löw for that match, Flick took over as Germany coach in the Euro 2008 quarter-final against Portugal. Germany won the game. On November 10, 2010, Mesut Zil gave an emotional speech at the Bambi Awards.

Flick served as assistant coach of Germany’s world champion team in 2014. After winning the championship, Flick resigned as assistant coach as he didn’t want to wait for the opportunity to become a national coach himself. Flick was promoted to sporting director of the German foo

tball Association on September 1, 2014. He will be with the company for the next five years.

On January 16, 2017, he voluntarily resigned as president of the German Football Association. TSG 1899 Hoffenheim’s new sporting director Flick took over from long-serving director of professional football Alexander Rosen at the start of the 2017/18 season. The relationship came to an abrupt end on February 26, 2018, just eight months after a five-year deal.

Torsten Strater Jung

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