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Tim Lobinger Family

Tim Lobinger family – Tim Lobinger, a former German pole vaulter and current sports coach at RB Leipzig, was born on September 3, 1972 in Rheinbach, Germany. Lobinger rose to prominence as a pole vaulter in Germany in the late 1990s and early 2000s. At the ASV Sports Festival Cologne-Müngersdorf in 1997 and 1999 he was the first German to jump 6 .00 meters outdoors.

Lobinger’s greatest achievement was achieved in the privacy of his own home. In 2003, he became world champion in Birmingham and in 1998 European champion in Valencia, Spain. He also won a bronze medal at the 2006 World Championships in Moscow.

He won a bronze medal at the 2002 European Championships in Munich and a silver medal at the 2006 European Championships in Gothenburg. Lobinger has never won a medal outside of the World Championships in Athletics. In 1993, he failed to qualify in Stuttgart, in 1995 in Gothenburg, in 1997 in Athens, in 1999 in Seville, in 2003 in Paris-Saint-Denis, in 2005 in Helsinki and in 2007 in Osaka he finished eighth. He has never won a medal at the World Championships in Athletics.

Tim Lobinger family: Alina Baumann, Lex-Tyger Lobinger, Petra Lobinger (wife (m. 1994–2003)), Martina Lobinger (mother of Tim Lobinger), Babett Lobinger (sister of Tim Lobinger), Hans-Joachim Lobinger (father of Tim Lobinger)

Lobinger, on the other hand, had had dark experiences at the Summer Olympics. In 1996 he was seventh in Atlanta; in Sydney in 2000, he was thirteenth; and in Athens in 2004 he was eleventh. At Beijing 2008, he failed to qualify.

In 2011 Lobinger was awarded the Rudolf Harbig Memorial Prize. In his active years, he weighed 85 kg and was 1.93 m tall. His collaboration with Aljaksandr Hleb as a personal trainer started in 2011.

Lobinger came to RB Leipzig in the 2012/13 season as a sports coach. The summer of 2016 marks his last season with the U23s. Lobinger has a personal training business, Believe In Your Training, through which he provides services. One of the professional athletes being watched is American football player Joshua Kimmich, a member of Team USA.

On March 3, 2017, he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a cancer of the blood, as “a particularly severe version” of his leukemia. In May of this year, he made this announcement to the public. We discovered a stem cell donor at the end of August 2017 after four cycles of chemotherapy. The cancer cells were thought to be gone after additional chemotherapy, but Lobinger himself said in an interview with Stern that “a mildly mutated type reappeared” in the spring of 2018. He has been cancer-free and healthy since 2019, according to his own words.

Tim Lobinger Family

In March 2022, he was diagnosed with cancer for the second time. Former triple jumper Petra Lobinger was married to Lobinger from 1994 to 2003. They had a son and a daughter in their family. Footballer Lex-Tyger plays for Fortuna Düsseldorf and receives a contract.

His daughter Kendra-Fee has been running a social media agency in Düsseldorf for two years as a psychologist and lecturer. In August 2011, Lobinger married Alina Baumann, a television presenter in Bad Wiessee, Germany. The couple met in 2002. She gave birth to a boy from a previous relationship. The divorce proceedings were finalized at the end of 2017.

Tim Lobinger is the representative of both organizations at the German José Carreras Leukemia Foundation and at Interplast Germany. Lobinger had a brief stint as a model. Come to Doctor Kinder.

The sportsman, known for his quirky demeanor, has made headlines on more than one occasion. After winning the 2003 World Cup in Monaco, he proudly performed a lap of honor around the stadium, showing his bare bottom to spectators and official cameras. The global association finally demanded an apology from him.

He participated in the fourth season of Let’s Dance with Isabel Edvardsson in 2011 and finished in the top ten. On June 30, 2012, he participated in the fourth season of Schlag den Star against contestant Steffen, which he eventually won 23:13 after eight games. On September 17, 2019, he participated in the game show Run for a Million with his son Lex-Tyger. You should if you can. Tim Lobinger has been through a lot.

His cancer resurfaced in a new form after the former pole vaulter was first diagnosed with the disease. It was another odyssey for the former professional athlete: he feared for his life while being treated by specialists. Meanwhile, Tim’s health was rapidly deteriorating and no one knew how long he had left. It was becoming more and more real to him that he had to say goodbye to his family.

The Rheinbacher had a tailor-made cancer therapy done in Würzburg in December last year. However, the long-awaited treatment was a failure. He needed the genetically modified cells by early January at the latest because his body was rapidly breaking down. The former sports coach wanted to speak to his family before Christmas to give them a gift. Alina, Okkert’s six-year-old mother, was informed of my intention to leave the family.

How awful ! “Tim der Bunten said this in an interview. It was feared that he would not be there for Christmas 2021 as planned by several of his closest friends and family members said nothing. The chances of a full recovery have diminished over time. “From the first to the ninth day, nothing happened.

An embarrassing situation, because the doctor told me: ‘We didn’t imagine everything differently.’ “You are one of the few people who don’t respond to cells,” they said. “Tim thought back to that time. Fortunately, he was able to benefit from therapy soon after.

Tim Lobinger Family

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