This man won Sharon’s heart

“I fell in love with two men”

But after Lukas also stayed with her, emotional chaos reigned in the bachelorette. Sharon even briefly considers not giving the last rose at all: “I’ve gotten to the point where I can even say: I can’t wear it. I can’t make a decision. The problem: “I fell in love with two men. I want both!”

In the end, the 30-something overcomes herself: Sharon sends Lukas home. “I feel very strong for you, but my heart tells me that I feel a little more for another man,” she tearfully confesses to the personal trainer. He reacts with understanding: “Concentrate on the beautiful. You have found someone who suits you better.

“The Bachelorette”: Jan got Sharon’s last rose. (Source: RTL)

And so the winner is certain: florist Jan gets the last rose from the bachelorette. “I fell in love with you,” she admits, delivering a happy ending that couldn’t have been written better. The man who got out of the car first in the first episode is the last to go – along with Sharon.

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