These are the biggest DSDS scandals

In 19 seasons, it’s not just the winners who have been chosen. There have also been various scandals before and behind the DSDS scenes. We search for you in the archives of scandals.

Confetti rain, number one hit and the ever fascinating, annually reissued story of the talented normal citizen who, with the help of Dieter Bohlen, Florian Silbereisen and Co., rose from the streets to the big pop stage almost of the day in the aftermath: in the sage and up to 19 DSDS seasons, countless childhood dreams have come true and millions of televised hearts have been set on fire. But where the sun shines, experience has shown that one or the other shadow also extends.

In the supposedly so beautifully radiant and slick DSDS universe, there have been a few scandals that are still analyzed and commented on at the tables of casting show regulars. For example, who does not remember Menowin Fröhlich, who would like to have his family name close to his heart, but for whom life has set far too many traps.

Between prison classes, rehabilitation rooms and reality TV “scenes”

Acting as a favorite, the singer had to pack his bags in early 2005 due to a warrant for dangerous bodily harm and fraud. Five years later, he lost to winner Mehrzad Marashi on his comeback. After that, Fröhlich shuttled between prison yards, rehabilitation halls, and reality TV “stages.”

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