The three series not to be missed on Netflix this weekend!

Like every week, the streaming giant has added tons of new releases on its catalog so we made a selection of original creations that you absolutely must watch if you have some free time during the weekend. There will be something for everyone so let’s go!

Fakes : A gifted student sets up a traffic of false identity cards

Zoe (Emilija Baranac) desperately needed a fake ID to gain access to university library materials so she decides to make one for herself. When her best friend (Jennifer Tong) finds out, she suggests that they start a business that could make them millionaires in no time. The traffic will take a completely crazy scale and that will unfortunately attract the attention of the police but not only …

Season 1 of Fakes is composed of ten episodes that last between 20 and 30 minutes.

Devil In Ohio: Shrink attaches herself to victim of Satanic cult

A teenage girl is found on the side of the road having just escaped from a mysterious satanic cult. A psychiatrist (Suzanne) played by Emily Deschanel (Bones) decides to take her in so that she can quickly recover from the trauma she has suffered. However, by bringing this child into her home, she is far from suspecting that she is putting her whole family in great danger.

Season 1 of Devil In Ohio is composed of eight episodes inspired by the eponymous bestseller imagined by Daria Polatin, who was also responsible for the direction of the original creation.

Detox: Two friends decide to give up the internet for 30 days!

We know you could never go that long without the internet, but the two heroines of Detox absolutely need to quit social networks. Lea can’t get over her breakup with her ex, whom she stalks on the internet, even hacking into his email box! When he decides to file a complaint, she has to work on her obsession and decides that the best thing to do is to cut the internet. But is this really the solution to all her problems? The French original creation is composed of six episodes that are already a hit on Netflix.

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If you did not find your happiness in our selection New series to see on Netflix this weekendYou can always consult the detailed program of all the new series put online on the streaming platform during the week. You will surely find the rare pearl!