The Rogue One characters you could see Andor from Disney+

The series Andor, from Disney+, has aroused considerable anticipation among fans of Star Wars. In particular, for coming from one of the biggest hits among the recent productions of the franchise. Rogue One by Gareth Edwards, became a story that took the perception about the Rebel Alliance to a much more adult and poignant stratum. Particularly, when the notion about the heroism of the story fell on characters completely unknown to the saga’s followers.

Nevertheless, its brilliant script succeeded in turning its premise into a celebration of the core elements of the intergalactic franchise. The story of the group of rebels from Rogue One who undertake a suicidal mission to uphold an ideal, impressed. But it also showed that Star Wars could provide space for a new kind of story, with emphasis on more adult narrative threads. Something that Andor takes as its main premise and takes it to a whole new level.

Perhaps, therefore, the inevitable question is whether any of the beloved characters from Rogue One could be part of the series. Whether in a cameo or a surprise appearance, the possibility involves spinning the tale of Andor with a larger universe. A risky but valid experiment that could provide the production with a much more complete and solid dimension.

Which figures from the original story are part of Andor? At least two are confirmed. Two others could be the big surprise of a series that will undoubtedly attempt to reformulate the idea of the world of Star Wars from the ground up.

Characters confirmed for Andor

Mon Mothma

Senator Mon Mothma, played by Genevieve O’Reilly, is one of the central figures in the series. Andor. The official, who stood up to the Empire before and after the fall of The Republic, was also an essential part of Rogue One. In the series, he reprises his role, but from an account chronologically prior to his active participation among the rebel cells.

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The character will be the link between the repressive mechanism of power and the shadow struggle of the opposition to the Empire. This makes her an exceptional witness of the first years of the battle against the Emperor’s totalitarianism. At the same time, she is a tragic figure who will have to to go through all kinds of personal risks to avoid, one way or another, being discovered.
Andor, Rogue One
The return of the senator ensures a complicated journey through the darkest places of the Empire as a political structure. A new step in the saga Star Wars which could delve into the character’s various appearances in. Return of the Jedi y Revenge of the Sith.

Saw Gerrera

The iconic character from Star Wars: The Clone Wars returns to the world of live action. It will be played again by the Oscar winner Forest Whitaker, which will ensures continuity in the way the controversial rebel is understood.

Considered an extremist even by other members of the resistance against the Empire, it is still not very clear what his role in Andor. It is clear, however, that he will be part of the most active and undoubtedly militarily inclined faction of the rebel coalition.

Gerrera and the Onderon warriors (at some point trained by Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan) could be part of some faction related to Cassian. Or, at the very least, their stories could intersect at one point or another. A point of interest for fans of both Rogue Oneas from the animated series.

Two nearby possibilities of Rogue One

Galen Erso

Five years before the events of Rogue One Galen Erso was already working on the plans for the Death Star. Which opens up the possibility that, one way or another, she will appear in Andor. The character, played by Mads Mikkelson, allows us to analyze the repressive machinery of the Empire. A capable of kidnapping and forcing figures of interest to join its ranks for its projects.
Rogue One, Galen Erso
In the story of Rogue One Galen is sufficiently recognized that Senator Mon Mothma deems his safety necessary. There is also the possibility that early rumors of the construction of a war superstructure is part of Andor.

The series, which will attempt to recapture the early years of the Rebellion will probably narrate the key points of future attacks. Which could certainly include Galen and, perhaps, his team.

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Orson Krennic

The main antagonist of Rogue Oneplayed by Ben Mendelsohn, is a character of considerable interest in the film. He may well be in Andor in whose chronology he is present. By the time the action of the series takes place, Krennic supervises the work of Galen Erso.

She could also be part of the world in which Senator Mon Mothma moves. The official will have to deal with the Empire’s bureaucracy and, in particular, the influence of figures like Krennic. This would be an intriguing insight about how the strings of power are pulled that link the senate to the Imperial military structure.

Of course, the character’s appearance also implies a suggestive idea. Could Krennic be the first person to hint to Mon Mothma about the construction of the death star ? Perhaps, a brief mention could be the trigger for the whole gripping narrative that includes both Andor as a Rogue One.