The Rings of Power Episode 5: War is declared?!

The fourth episode was clearly below the level of the previous ones with too many lengths but it’s always a pleasure to find our heroes in the fiction produced by Amazon Prime Video. Why did Adar release Aroundir when he could have simply executed him and sent some orcs to the old watchtower? It’s a rather strange choice …

We have now watched half of the first season, the time passes extremely quickly in front of the beautiful landscapes of the original creation and episode 5 of the Rings of Power should reserve us some excellent surprises with notably the journey of the valorous sons and sons of the beautiful Númenor in the direction of Middle Earth.

The Rings of Power Episode 5: The adaptation of Tolkien’s books is highly criticized?

Many fans have been disappointed that several actors of color are part of the casting of the series, going as far as claiming that Prime Video has “betrayed” the original work of Tolkien! The main argument of the detractors being that the author of the Lord of the Rings imagined a mythology proper to England with a medieval Europe where the people of color did not exist yet.

How can this kind of polemic still have its place in 2022? Especially since the characters imagined by Tolkien have a great diversity of skin and hair color according to a specialist of the literary saga. Moreover, the series produced by Amazon is not really an adaptation since the creators have really moved away from the original story and have even gone as far as creating characters (Arondir does not exist in the books).

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Episode 5 of Rings of Power is highly anticipated by the millions of subscribers of the streaming platform, but as usual, the American company has remained very mysterious about the continuation of the series. We know almost nothing about episode 5 but it’s the opportunity to exchange your theories with friends or on forums!

Rings of Power Episode 5: Still no official trailer?

The answer might disappoint you but like every week, no teaser has been released. Maybe some promotional images will be put online on social networks but we will have to wait for the arrival of episode 5 of the Rings of Power to find our heroes and learn more about their destiny.

What is the release date for episode 5 of Rings of Power on Amazon Prime Video?

The American company has decided not to take a break during the broadcast of its original creation. Thus, the release date of episode 5 of The Rings of Power has been set for Friday, September 23, 2022 exclusively on Prime Video. While waiting to discover the next episode, know that “Under the Influence” is currently the most watched movie in the world on Netflix!