The Rings of Power and the Mark of Sauron, the trail of evil in Middle Earth

In the series The Rings of Powerwhich you can now watch on Prime Video, the symbol of Sauron seems to be everywhere. It is a evident connection not only with the literary saga but also with J.R.R. Tolkien’s perception of evil. As the darkness incarnate seems to reach Middle-earth, its signs are more obvious and direct. Something that the script made special emphasis on from its first chapters, although it was in the fourth when it showed its true importance.

In the production, Sauron is a menacing and lurking presence. The script has sought, so far, to keep his identity a secret, but explores the possibility that evil incarnate is already part of the plot. A point that is further accentuated by following his elusive trail through a mysterious and inexplicable symbol. An ingenious method to make it clear that the central villain is active and in search of an all-out confrontation.

But, Does the mark of Sauron have any significance? Beyond the trail of shadows it leaves in its wake, it is indicative of the future of the series. What is more interesting is how it will link the events it chronicles to those already known about the shadowy figure. Will there be obvious parallels between the Jackson version and Prime Video’s? Or is this a red herring and Sauron is, in fact, less than a shadow? It’s not all that simple and perhaps, this is one of the most relevant narrative threads of the production.

A mark to piece together a sinister puzzle in. The Rings of Power

In the first two episodes of The Rings of Power Sauron’s imprint appeared in scenes years apart. The first time was on the skin of the corpse of Finrod, Galadriel’s older brother. The warrior confronted the villain and was killed. As a final affront, the creature left a wound on his shoulder that turned out to be something else. As the scene showed, it was an outline of specific lines. Something that did not go unnoticed by her sister. “Evil left a mark on her skin,” Galadriel assured in the tense sequence.

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In fact, thanks to the Elf Lady we find the symbol again. Galadriel, who in her words “made her own” Finrod’s cause, travels through Middle-earth in search of Sauron. The journey takes her to Forodwaith, the ruined fortress where the orcs hid after Morgoth was defeated. There she finds the symbol in several places and, also, feels the presence of evil in her engraving. Which leaves no doubt, it is more than just a random design. The corrupted Maia has a specific imprint that also influences the environment.

In the same chapter, Theo, the son of Bronwyn, the healer of the Southlands, discovers the mark on the hilt of a broken sword. In the same manner as Galadriel in Forodwaith, the design causes him to have a vision. In it, she can see him in flames, floating in complete darkness. An image very similar to the way Peter Jackson conceived Sauron for his film trilogy.

Until then, the mysterious symbol seemed a sort of loose piece of information amidst the dozens of references to Tolkien mythology in the series. But the third and fourth episodes make it clear that, in fact, Sauron is manifesting his power through the cryptic drawing. And, as if that were not enough, it also proves that the creature’s ambitions include a large-scale plan.

Darkness in the middle of Middle-earth

For the third chapter of The Rings of PowerGaladriel discovers that the sign is more than an emblem or token of belonging. While in Númenor, Elendil relates to her the experience of a human spy.
The Tolkien Rings of Power
This was a man who remained in Morgoth’s power and managed to gather information about his plans. But he also did something else. He wrote down what he saw during his abduction and managed to create a chronology of events. Which, in addition and to Galadriel’s surprise, included a drawing. The symbol of Sauron.

Only it is not just any shape. In reality, it is a map of the Southern Lands that confirms that Morgoth made specific plans. On the one hand, the most suitable strategy to extend his dominion from the distant and less explored places by the elves. On the other, a specific plan to build a kingdom of his own. After the defeat of the Dark Lord, his lieutenant had the mission to complete the elaborate objective.

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Horror incarnate in The Rings of Power

But it is in the fourth episode that it becomes obvious that Sauron’s mark is also linked to his power. That’s what the quick conversation between a man from the southern village and Theo, in the middle of a tense situation, hints at. Before, the entire village was forced to flee because of the orc attack and took refuge, in the midst of their hardships, in the elven guard post.

In an increasingly precarious situation, Theo decides to return to the ruins of the place where he lived to find food. It is there that makes an ominous discovery about the broken hilt he carries everywhere. It is a sword with a flaming blade that manifests itself in all its strange power as soon as he touches it. Also It leaves his skin marked with the well-known symbol of Sauron.

Everything gets darker a few hours later. Once Arondir rescues him and his mother from the orc attack, Theo finds himself with a secret to keep. But he is not the only one. One of the men of his village takes him by the hand and uncovers his skin. Theo then warns that is marked with the symbol that he himself wears on his wrist.

“All the signs indicate it, he is already here, he has come. Have you heard about Sauron?” says the old man, to Theo’s terror. So it becomes clear that the mark of the incarnation of evil in Middle-earth is an extension of its influence. Worse, a clear demonstration of his ability to do harm and manipulate in several different directions.