The Maestro’s Blues: A dramatic series to discover on Netflix

The streaming platform with the red logo does not stop investing in various productions around the world. This week, we will have the privilege to discover an original Greek creation that will mix romance and tragedy. The success of the series seems inevitable as several media outlets claim that a season 2 has already been ordered!

It is not in the habits of Netflix but it seems that the American company bets big on “The Maestro’s Blues”. So what is it about exactly? In short we will follow “Orestis”, a musician who agrees to go to a small island in Greece to organize a festival. A place in appearance paradisiac but which conceals dark secrets!

The Maestro’s Blue : A romantic and tragic series at the same time ?

A few minutes after landing on the island of Paxos, our hero will meet the beautiful Klelia with whom he will fall madly in love. However, Orestis (played by Christoforos Papakaliatis) will not be able to enjoy the girl of his heart for a long time because he will quickly be disappointed!

The inhabitants hide dark secrets (homophobia, domestic violence, drugs…) and by deciding to stay longer, Orestis starts to annoy many people who find him a little too curious.

The Maestro’s Blue : A trailer that arouses curiosity !

A heavenly setting, a perfect romance that turns into a real nightmare … The Maestro’s Blue could be the revelation of the month of March 2023.

The Maestro’s Blue: Release date

The first season of this bittersweet drama consists of nine episodes. The entirety was released a few hours ago on Netflix. The release date of “The Maestro’s Blue” had therefore been set for Friday, March 17, 2023. The release of season 2 has not yet been addressed by the American company …

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