‘The Last Olive’: this miniseries parody of ‘The Last of Us’ uses Jaén as a backdrop

If you’ve been left with the monkey of The Last of Us after its last and intense chapter, the Jaén City Council has the solution. With Alex Escudero and Ítalo Roca, the organization presents The Last Olivea parody miniseries inspired by HBO and HBO Max’s hit series. This time, however, Cordyceps will not be the reason for your nightmares, but a terrifying version of the olive trees of Jaén.

During the four chapters of which it consists. The Last Olivewe will meet the characters played by the actors Alex Escudero (Juan), Sergio Racionero (Tomás) and Claudia Morales (Elena). The trio will tour Jaén while facing the plague produced by the Xylella fastidiosa.a real disease that damages olive trees, and that has mutated to also affect humans using olive oil as a bridge.

This parody of The Last of Us takes place between the years 2018 and 2013. In the four episodes that make up The Last Olive we will know the surroundings of Jaén capital, Torredelcampo and La Guardia.. These three will be the main scenarios where the adventure and the search for the cure to save the city, and the rest of Spain, from a terrible disease will take place.

It took just two and a half months to devise and complete the production and filming of the four episodes. Alex Escudero, one of its creators, comments that, with The Last Olive, want “to ensure that this miniseries makes the people of Jaén enjoy, above all, making them identify with what they see”.

We support this group of young creators who try to put humor to life and culture with their talent, and from the City Council we also join this kind of initiatives that put in value our own identity as Jaén.
Julio Millán, Mayor of Jaén

How and where to see The Last Olivethe Jaén parody of The Last of Us

The Last Olive, the Jaén parody of The Last of UsThe Last Olive, the Jaén parody of The Last of Us

If you want to start enjoying the four episodes that Alex Escudero, Ítalo Roca and the Jaén City Council have released for you, you can do it in a quite simple way. Right now, The Last Olive is only available in Instagramon the official account of the miniseries. There you will find it in the form of Reel, just open each of the episodes and sit back and enjoy.

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The team behind the miniseries also plans to bring The Last Olive to YouTubea platform more suitable for viewing this type of content. However, it seems that we will have to wait for the rest of the episodes to finish streaming on the aforementioned social network.

So far, The Last Olive has released its first two episodes. The third has a release date of March 20, while the fourth -and last- has not yet been confirmed. The first episode already accumulates almost 50,000 plays on Instagram.a great achievement for the creators of the series and the City Council of Jaén.