The Imperfects Opinion: Another teen series that will not be renewed

The new original creation is currently the fifth most watched series in the world on Netflix so is it really worth the wait? Since Thursday, September 8, subscribers of the streaming platform can binge-watch The Imperfects and it seems that the drama is very popular!

Usually, when a series manages to simultaneously bring together teenagers, powers, romance and a bit of humor it’s more than enough to make millions of views but The Imperfects is not satisfied with being a simple “teen-series” since with its dark humor and its talented actors it makes us vaguely think of “The Boys “.

The Imperfects Opinion : A series for teenagers like no other ?

Three teenagers find themselves with strange powers after an experiment that went wrong. They try to find the scientist responsible for their mutation but when the government learns that our heroes have extraordinary abilities, a manhunt is launched!

If you haven’t watched all ten episodes of The Imperfects yet, you should probably give it a chance because it might really surprise you. This drama isn’t just for the under thirty crowd and we sure hope there will be a season 2! Here are some opinions of the subscribers that we spotted on Twitter (spoiler free of course!).

“I started watching The Imperfects on Netflix because it looked like a cool monster series. Unfortunately, there’s only one cool monster so far, the writing is tiny, the villains are hilarious, and yet I can’t stop watching.

I just watched the entirety of The Imperfects on Netflix and it was so good, it reminded me of Sophie McKenzie’s Medusa series!

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I started watching The Imperfects on Netflix. The first episode is pretty good. It’s a shame that it’s a Netflix series and will soon be cancelled for no apparent reason. I should know better than to watch it.

I watched The Imperfects yesterday, a decent novelty for another teen superhero series, that shit I can’t stand and usually avoid

I have a new favorite series on Netflix and it’s called The Imperfects. It ended on a cliffhanger and a season 2 looks like it’s going to happen, but Netflix always cancels these kinds of shows after the first season and I really hope this show gets renewed for more seasons.