The Imperfects Netflix : Three teens with powers hunted by the government

After a scientific experiment doesn’t pan out, three teenagers find themselves with extraordinary abilities. They can now transform themselves into creatures but this new life does not suit them at all. Our three heroes are going to search for the scientist who modified their DNA in order to reverse the situation.

The Imperfects trailer reveals an explosive series, with impressive special effects, romance and above all humor! Subscribers seem to be very enthusiastic about binge-watching this new original creation, so let’s hope it doesn’t meet the same fate as First Kill

The Imperfects: Discover the trailer

A Banshee, a Chupacabra and a Succubus form an unlikely trio to try and get back to normal life, but in addition to learning how to control their powers, they’ll have to evade government agents who want to capture them to study them.

The entire first season is already available on Netflix and is waiting for you! The Imperfects seems to have really wrapped up The subscribers of the American company, who love fantasy teen series. However, many of them are afraid that the fiction will not be renewed since the streaming platform has become very demanding with its original creations … Before thinking about a possible season 2, let’s start by enjoying the first ten episodes of The Imperfects.

Who is in the cast of The Imperfects?

Our three heroes will be played by : Morgan Taylor Campbell (Defending Jacob), Rhianna Jagpal (Motherland: Fort Salem) and Iñaki Godoy (Who killed Sara?). They will be able to count on the help of Dr. Sydney Burke played by Italia Ricci (Good Doctor, The love of his life …). It is Rhys Nicholson who will play the scientist who modified the DNA of the teenagers. Celina Martin and Kyra Zagorsky will also be in the casting of The Imperfects.

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What is the release date for The Imperfects on Netflix?

Since it is an original creation, all ten episodes were released simultaneously on the streaming platform with the red logo. The Imperfects release date has been set for Thursday, September 8, 2022. The first season is available since 9:01 am in France. If you are rather looking for a torrid series, we recommend you Diary of a Gigolo which has just arrived on Netflix.