The former DSDS juror warns: “Dieter, now it’s good!”

The judges for the fifth DSDS season: Dieter Bohlen, Anja Lukaseder and Andreas “Bär” Läsker. (Source: dpa)

Despite this, he had to leave the format last year.

RTL probably noticed that this was where it got too much. Dieter pursues only his own interests, pulls his strings in the background. The broadcaster was probably annoyed at some point because he lost control of his own format. So Bohlen had to leave.

Now you put Bohlen back in the jury chair.

Because the format probably needs quota. You can’t make people stupid for years and suddenly say, “Oh, they don’t want anything stupid.” People also want to read pithy slogans in the “Bild” newspaper, printed in big, bold black letters. And if RTL is now planning the final season, then it’s “the final countdown”. So it only makes sense to me that the broadcaster would bring Bohlen back to the DSDS swansong. Logic.

So is Dieter Bohlen also kind of the face of DSDS?

What does a little mean? He is the face of the format! But he’s also the face of the age of DSDS splattered with hyaluronic acid. But at some point, it’s over. I would say, “Dieter, now it’s good.”

Would you also say that 20 years of DSDS is enough?

Is DSDS really a show for potential superstars?

A casting show is primarily there to sell advertising and make money for the broadcaster. Neither “the voices of Germany” nor the superstars were born there. It’s absurd. But some candidates have at least managed to go their own successful way. In my 2008 season, Thomas Godoj won. He was a Hartz 4 recipient at the time and was able to make a living from music after his win. This has remained the case to this day. Or Alexander Klaws. He has long been a very successful musical actor. Beatrice Egli is also doing well in business. Mark Medlock, on the other hand, never came out of nowhere again. The other DSDS participants remained just as unknown after as they were before.

Thomas Godoj won the fifth season of DSDS in 2008. (Source: imago images / Pop Eye)

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