The candidate drives Jauch crazy

Kurzmann doesn’t have a clue and would like to know in which part of Germany this idiom is used. Jauch visibly annoyed: “If I were married to you, I would put a spell on everything.”

“If you keep acting like that, it’s crazy!”

The aspiring millionaire receives help from the public and laboriously guesses her way. At the 8,000 euro question, she draws 50/50 and the telephone joker. Finally, she guesses correctly that actor Tom Cruise’s three marriages always ended when his wives were 33. But even the person on the other end of the line finds it difficult to express themselves: “You gossip about yourself all the time”, comments on Jauch Kurzmann’s behavior and adds, almost pleadingly: “I can’t hold on much longer. !

Candidate Christine Kurzmann even upset moderator Günther Jauch. (Source: RTL)

But the host is a professional through and through and helps the contestant – who also says of herself that she is exhausting – wherever he can. But not only does she “drool” like a waterfall, but she also jumps out of her chair and walks around the studio. Jauch jokingly thinks about the airing of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” rename it to “Win Assisted”.

Every extra minute, Ms Kurzmann becomes a stress test for the 66-year-old who is otherwise so calm. He tries to make the Ruhrpottlerin reason – after all, his behavior towards the other waiting candidates is not quite fair: “Please sit down! Concentrate! (…) If you continue to act like that fool!”

“This quiet, wonderful!”

At 16,000 euros, “all jokers are completely screwed”. With a lot of luck, Kurzmann can finally walk away with 32,000 euros. She says she probably won’t realize she even sat in the council chair for “an hour”. She already has plans for profit: buying new rims for the car. Leaving the studio, a stressed presenter wipes his brow in relief and says, “It’s calm, wonderful!”

However, one contestant still made it into the popular quiz: editor Benjamin Gumbach. He must now quickly make up for lost time and advises himself to climb without telling stories about life. Günther Jauch will ask the father of a son the 125,000 euro question at the beginning of next week.

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