The best HBO series

Beyond the various video streaming platforms such as the renowned Netflix, several historical TV channels are, for a long time, have long been considered the ultimate references when it comes to producing series. In France, the prize certainly goes to Canal + and its famous original creations. Through its subscription service and in connection with OCS, the most famous of the encrypted channels can offer a choice of content to its subscribers, important series created by another major channel of the series world.

That channel is HBO. Launched in 1972, it is a reference across the Atlantic and for several decades in Europe and everywhere where it manages to export its most sensational programs. These are numerous and have throughout the years, enriched the aura of the channel of Home Box Office. Behind the well-known credits of the regulars of local creations, which are the best HBO series ?


With high expectations around a potential season 5, Westworld is one of HBO’s great success stories of recent years. Since 2016, the futuristic theme park and its Wild West-worthy characters have populated a narrative loop at the beginning of the series, before several technological problems put a damper on the drift of this basic premise. Westworld is thus straddling the line between science fiction, thriller and western, always with a highly dramatic approach.

A synopsis of high quality that also requires great actors. An idea highlighted by the presence, in particular, of Jeffrey Wright. Present in many successful scenarios in recent years, the American actor was a member of the cast of Casino Royale, one of the best poker movies or for sure, the best James Bond showing so much action on the gaming table. After this 2006 movie, Wright saw his popularity explode and it is undoubtedly something that allowed him to play the character of Bernard Lowe in this HBO series.

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The Wire

In its approach close to a documentary and with highly cultural themes, The Wire was unanimously acclaimed when it was released in the 2000s. This reference series plunges us into the underbelly of the city of Baltimore, plagued by a rise in gangsterism with drug trafficking.

With the police force, The Wire was at the time and probably still is today, a realistic vision of the societal themes addressed in the United States in the 2000s. Dominic West, Idris Elba or John Doman excel in their respective roles.

The Sopranos

Another series that has gone down in history and features several dark themes, The Sopranos was one of the first huge successes of the HBO channel. Released in 1999 and followed by 6 seasons, the episodes follow in large part Tony Sopranoa man of the New York mafia. The late James Gandolfini plays this famous Soprano, who has remained in the collective memory, in a simply exceptional performance.

Still available on HBO’s platforms, The Sopranos is well worth the effort to dive into or discover this masterpiece, more than 20 years after its initial release.

Game Of Thrones

If there is a series that should continue to be talked about in twenty years too, it is probably Game Of Thrones, finished in May 2019. We followed the adventures of the Stark and Lannister families, directly under the inspiration, at first, of the novels of George R.R. Martin. In the content of its dialogues, its battle scenes and the beauty of the places crossed, GoT has thrilled millions of people.

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