The Bear Season 2: Hulu finally confirms release date!

The first season of the Hulu original creation was a great success when it aired in June 2022. Fans of ” Shameless “were delighted to see Jeremy Allen White in the lead role of a new drama! The former interpreter of Phillip Gallagher (nicknamed Lip) now plays a cook who has decided to take over his brother’s business after his brother’s death.

The Bear has been acclaimed by critics around the world and thanks to its rapid renewal, we will have the pleasure of finding our heroes in June 2023! The first trailer, which lasts only a few seconds, has just confirmed that Jeremy Allen White will be back early next summer on Hulu!

In France, the series should be put online on Disney+ since Hulu belongs to the Disney group … We do not know yet if the season 2 of The Bear will be broadcast in US24+ because it has not been confirmed by the streaming platform with the blue logo. The creator of the series (Christopher Storer) said in an interview:

I feel like season 1 was kind of a catch-up, and season 2 is kind of the starting point for the series, once we meet everyone and see their stories “.

See you in June 2023 to binge-watch the second season of The Bear and in the meantime, how about discovering all our information about The Last Of Us season 2?

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