‘The Bachelorette’ Sharon Looks Bald – That’s What Men Say

Lukas was the first bald contestant to see Sharon. (Source: RTL)

The 28-year-old thanked her for her trust and tenderly kissed Sharon’s head. “I think it makes her even more authentic and stronger than the person she is,” Lukas said. The actress was completely overwhelmed by the situation. “He gave me an incredible feeling. I didn’t expect that. To be recognized for who I am is very, very precious,” she was able to hold back tears.

Unveiling in the “Night of Roses”

On the strength of this, she decided to show herself to the other remaining contestants without a wig on the “Night of Roses”. The men were stunned when the bald 30-year-old stepped in front of them.

Bachelorette Sharon revealed her secret on ‘Night of Roses’. (Source: RTL)

But the first astonishment was quickly followed by admiration. “I found him very, very brave and he shows great strength. We can only envy him,” an impressed Steffen said. Dominik agreed, “She was beautiful before and she still is beautiful.”

For both of them – as well as for Lukas and five other participants – there was a rose and the ticket for the next round. Stas and Hannes, meanwhile, left empty-handed and had to pack their bags.

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