Sweet Tooth Season 2: Netflix finally reveals the release date!

It’s been more than two years since we had the pleasure to discover the wonderful post-apocalyptic series Sweet Tooth. Netflix had quickly renewed its original creation but the health crisis invited itself on the filming sets …

The adaptation of the comics imagined by Jeff Lemire will return on the streaming platform at the end of April 2023! Eight new episodes have been produced by the American company and we can’t wait to see the young “Gus” and Dr. Singh again.

The filming of season 2 of Sweet Tooth ended nine months ago and Netflix had taken the opportunity to share a short video where the actors revealed what would await us in the continuation of the series :

Appointment April 27, 2023 on Netflix to discover season 2 of Sweet Tooth. In the meantime, how about discovering the salaries of the participants of the third season of Lol, Who Laughs, Sort whose second part will be put online in a few days on Prime Video.

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