Studio 54 owner Mark Fleischman is dead (✝82): “Died bravely and peacefully”

Mourning for Mark Fleischman. The former owner of the legendary Studio 54 club in New York has died. He was 82 years old.

Mark Fleischman, who owned Studio 54 in the 1980s, died in Switzerland on Wednesday at the age of 82. As Britain’s BBC reported, citing his longtime business partner Daniel Fitzgerald, he decided to have euthanasia at a euthanasia clinic after a long illness.

According to the report, Fleischman was already ill in 2016 and since then he hasn’t been able to do many things and hasn’t been able to walk. The doctors never made a real diagnosis. “I think he was in more pain than we knew,” Fitzgerald said. He also writes on Facebook: “Mark decided to commit suicide in Switzerland because he no longer wanted to endure the suffering.”

“Died bravely and peacefully”

Fitzgerald hoped he could get Fleischman to temporarily rethink he had organized some sort of “living wake” for him. “We threw a really nice party for him and a lot of his friends came and everyone thought he would postpone the trip for a month and we’ll see what we could do. But he was determined to do it. “

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