Should The Defenders have a movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe grows, it is more likely that. the combination of superheroes and storylines will become increasingly diverse and complex. The adventures of some will take them to other planets or earths and the problems of all will end up integrating with each other. As happened in Avengers: Endgame. One of the possible alliances that could develop in the next few years is that of The Defenders.

This is a group that has had different characters within it. As The Avengersare renewed from time to time or, depending on the story, have some instead of others. The function, in essence, is the same: to protect the earth from various threats. Gather a handful of skills to deal with adversaries or situations that, as individuals, overwhelm them.

Although The Defenders already have a predecessor on Netflix, and Marvel and Disney still need time to be able to put them together, given the case, there are some clues to consider. The mention made to the streamingwhich brought together Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage y Iron Fist serves as an example to recreate the nature of the group. Despite the differences between them, they will know how to ally for a greater cause Beyond it, is it possible to be seen on the big screen?

The Defenders and Dan Slott’s alert

While the D23 Expo, Dan Slott tweeted the following:

In English, the message is: “I just realized…. The faster the Marvel Cinematic Universe gets to its version of Silver Surfer, the closer we get to a possible The Defenders!”. Even if it is only one possible interpretation in relation to the narrative, there is a lot of logic in it.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is going through a restructuring of sorts. After Avengers: Endgameseveral superiors either exited the narrative or changed their roadmap to new quests. Within them, there seems to be a trend: some particular narratives will end up coinciding. From Hawkeye and Kate Bishop to the future presentation of Thunderbolts. In the middle of both projects, the future integration of the stories of Ms. Marvel y Captain Marvel.

After three phases in which the Marvel Cinematic Universe focused on laying the groundwork for its narrative, nowadays it seems increasingly inclined to mix up its stories. This, beyond seeming to be a gesture to the fandomThe logic behind it also has a logical background: in a world where so many superheroes coexist, it is normal that they should be able to relate to each other, as happens in comics through the work of figures like Jim Shooter.

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Is the adaptation viable?

Yes. The first formation of The Defenders consists of the Hulk, Doctor Strange, Namor and Silver Surfer. This lineup was presented in the comic Defenders in Marvel Feature # 1, published in 1971, under the authorship of Roy Thomas. At the beginning, this formation had the name of “The Three Titans”, with the three names mentioned above. Later, in the referred comic book, a fourth member was added.
Hulk will be in 'She-Hulk' and could be part of the Defenders / Marvel Cinematic Universe
The inclusion of that fourth member, Doctor Strange was at Stan Lee’s suggestion, as recalled in The Top Comics. Between Thomas’s idea and Lee’s need, in a managerial role, there was the possibility of tackling a story with a new group: The Defenders. Although multiple superheroes have passed through this group that initial lineup may be composed within the Marvel Cinematic Universe once Silver Surfer is introduced, as Dan Slott recalled.

In order for it to be able to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the immediate reference is to keep in mind that this character, in the comics, was introduced in The Fantastic 4 #48, published in March 1966. According to the Phase 5 and 6 release schedule, the adaptation of that story will be presented on November 8, 2024. Therefore, although it is a feasible option, we still have to wait and see how the narrative develops.

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The current context (and immediate future)
of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

With the close of Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Namor will be introduced in the narrative. It will be produced in Black Panther: Wakanda Foreverthe sequel to Black Panther (2018). Meanwhile, the overall narrative appears to be moving forward on an upcoming Hulk movie associated with the comic book World War Hulk and Doctor Strange faces challenges in different dimensions of the multiverse. In this context, the only thing missing is Silver Surfer.

However, the context of the narrative, focused on introducing new characters and establishing new relationships between them, is also marked by one aspect. Like Kevin Feige, they are separate. In recent statements, the executive explained: “One of the situations we’ll see in the movie of Captain America is that of a world without The Avengers.” That power vacuum may be one of the pivots on which the story will revolve in the coming years.

Without a group of superheroes charged with defending Earth, it is likely that there will be different power conflicts between them and that new forces will emerge to address different issues. This can be adapted through crossoversby crossing characters in different stories, or through the formation of new groups. In the latter scenario, it is not unreasonable to think about The Defenders.