Shock for ex-Bachelorette Jessica Haller! burglary at home

Thieves broke into Jessica and Johannes Haller. Shocked, the ex-Bachelorette speaks.

Reality TV star Jessica Haller shared a chilling message on Instagram. The former Bachelorette and her husband Johannes Haller have been robbed. “I never thought this would hit us,” she wrote in her story. She was “still in shock”. “We’re fine, that’s the main thing! But knowing that someone was there, ransacked my things, it’s scary…”

The burglars apparently also stole some things that are particularly important to Jessica Haller: “All my jewelry is gone, they even took my engagement ring and my wedding ring,” she explains. The Hallers got engaged in December 2020, and the wedding followed a year later.

Jessica Haller, formerly Paszka, and her husband Johannes live in Ibiza. The two met in 2017 as part of the dome show “The Bachelorette.” However, love was slow in coming, as she cast David Friedrich in the show’s finale. In October 2020, the two finally found each other. Their daughter Hailey-Su was born in May 2021.

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