Shadow and Bone Season 3: Netflix has a release date planned? The author of the books wants five seasons minimum!

The second season has just been released on the streaming platform and we finally understand why the production of the new episodes has been so long! The creator of the series clearly has in mind to put in scene Shadow and Bone season 3 But does the streaming giant share the same opinion?

The end of the eighth episode revealed that our heroes will have to be extra careful as a new drug seems to be circulating in the kingdom. Jurda Parem” is capable of increasing a Grisha’s powers a thousandfold! Alina has just suffered the consequences but her new power has fortunately allowed her to assassinate her assailant…

Shadow and Bone Season 3 : What is the release date for the sequel of the series ?

Netflix has not yet made official the season 3 of Shadow and Bone because it is still too early but the series has great chances to be renewed. Firstly because the literary saga from which it is inspired is composed of several volumes whose scenario is far from being exploited.

In addition, the creator (Eric Heisserer) recently told Collider about the future of his fiction: ” It’s a three-year plan that I’ve laid out, or a three-season plan. “. For her part, the author of the novels has even higher expectations as she explained, ” I have high hopes that we will have another season. (…) Honestly, I wish we had five more seasons. There are so many stories to tell.

Almost all the elements are thus gathered for to allow the setting of the season 3 of Shadow and Bone but there is something crucial missing! It is obviously the ratings of the second part … If the new episodes manage to do as well as the previous season, then you can be assured that Netflix will order season 3 of Shadow And Bone.

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However, if the new adventures of Alina are not binge-watched enough by subscribers, then the sentence will be the cancellation of the series. The streaming giant is ruthless when it comes to the renewal of its original creations. Fortunately, the grisha saga is highly appreciated, especially thanks to the millions of readers around the world who loved this excellent adaptation.

Netflix will soon announce the release date of Shadow and Bone season 3?

Shadow And Bone season 3 release date on Netflix expected to be late spring 2024 if the series is renewed quickly. Normally the production of the third part will be faster because it will not be slowed down by all the measures related to the health crisis.

Shadow and Bone Season 3: When can we watch the trailer?

The first images of season 3 will not be released for a very long time! Don’t expect to see our heroes again before the beginning of next year at best. Maybe some stolen pictures will circulate on social networks but as long as the shooting of the season 3 of Shadow and Bone is not finishedNetflix will not publish extracts.

As soon as there is new information regarding the renewal of the original creation, be aware that this article will be updated. We will also follow the different interviews of the actors in case one of them makes a mistake and confirms that Shadow and Bone season 3 has already been secretly ordered by Netflix !