Shadow And Bone : A spin-off has been ordered ?

Shadow And Bone is back since a few days on Netflix and it already dominates the ranking of the most watched series in the world! The streaming giant has not yet confirmed the renewal of its original creation for a season 3 but it is probably only a matter of time …

The second season finale clearly hints at a sequel, and the literary saga on which the series is based will go a long way to setting the stage for several new episodes. The author of the books has recently declared that she hopes that the fiction will be composed of at least five seasons!

It is still too early to know if Shadow and Bone will be renewed but the creators of the series are already imagining their future. They have in particular for project to put in scene a spin-off which was inspired by the book entitled ” Six of Crows “which is the first novel of the second saga of the ” Grishaverse “.

For now they have not yet obtained the green light from the American company, but if the ratings of the second season manage to meet the expectations of producers, then know that in addition to a season 3, we will be entitled to a new spin-off! In the meantime, you can always go binge-watch “Hasta El Cielo”, the sequel to the eponymous feature film has just been released on Netflix.

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