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Salary of Sebastien Haller

Sébastien Haller Salary -Sebastien Haller Children”How can someone have these conversations?” you wonder, to find yourself in the heart of the matter. “People are nice, but you talk about your own death, and I’ve had five years to prepare.” “I know it’s not easy,” the interviewer said. , as she struggled to express her feelings, to which he finally responded, “It’s hard.”

It’s incredibly difficult. What I know is that I can trust my husband because he is the most beautiful man and my family too and I know that my children will be well taken care of and surrounded by affection. “As a mother, you always want to know if your children are doing well.” And my children will be fine. But that doesn’t mean I won’t waste every opportunity I’ve had with them.”

The London-based mother-of-two has been battling stage IV colon cancer for five years. The Bowelbabe Fund for Cancer Research UK, his new charity, has raised over £2.7million. Deborah explained during an emotional goodbye show, “We tried everything but my body just won’t cooperate,” she continued.

‘Don’t be fooled, don’t marry a chick’: How she would spend her last days surrounded by a ‘wonderful family’ battling cancer while sipping champagne and planning her last hours ‘on the lawn with my family ‘around me’, Deborah James gives her ‘wonderful’ husband ‘strict orders’ to remarry after his death. BBC podcaster Deborah James, who is suffering from cancer, has given her ‘wonderful’ husband ‘strict instructions’ to remarry after his death.

The 40-year-old hostess explained earlier this week that active treatment was coming to an end and she was being moved to a home hospice. Her horrifying story has gripped the nation in recent days, raising more than £2.7million on the Bowelbabe Fund for Cancer Research UK page she set up.

Mrs James has expressed a wish to die at her parents’ home in Woking to protect her son Hugo and daughter Eloise from the constant reminders of their London home. She revealed how she had to break the news to her children but trusted her husband, London banker Sebastien Bowen, whom she married in 2008, completely.

Following brief separation and divorce proceedings seven years later, the couple reunited after accepting counseling to help them get along better with their children. “My husband Sebastien was fantastic, he let it all out and is with me 24/7,” she told The Times Today. My first reaction was that I didn’t want my children to see me like this. I didn’t think I could talk to them without crying, but I would like to hug them one last time.

Salary of Sebastien Haller

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen my husband so upset, but he immediately recognized the seriousness of the situation.” I gave him clear instructions to get out of here. “Don’t be fooled, don’t marry a chick, find someone else who can make you laugh like we can,” I told him. In the tragic interview, she also revealed how she planned to include letters for her children to read when she died, giving instructions on how to behave on the first date and what to do on the first date. their wedding day.

Ms James said she had been in hospital for months but since her hospice she had been planning her final hours on the lawn with her family and sipping champagne as the nurses joked: ‘You die, you can drink what you want”. will benefit from the fundraiser expressed their gratitude to him.

“Since her diagnosis of bowel cancer in 2016, Deborah James has shown remarkable commitment to cancer campaigning, fundraising and awareness,” said Michelle Mitchell, chief executive of Cancer Research UK. It’s a tough time to see and we are honored to have Deborah and her family to support in starting the Bowelbabe Fund.

“Aiming to develop innovative, gentler treatments for cancer patients and give them more time with their loved ones, this fund will raise awareness of cancer and fund clinical trials and research into personalized medicine.” The fund will support support for Cancer Research UK work and charities close to his heart such as Bowel Cancer UK, The Institute of Cancer Research and The Royal Marsden.

“We have so far been blown away by the response to the Bowelbabe Fund, which has far exceeded its target in just a few hours.” Deborah’s honesty, humor and compassion have impacted the lives of so many people,” says the author. “Deborah is an absolute inspiration to so many people living with cancer and a dedicated supporter of the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity,” a Royal Marsden Cancer Charity representative said. She has been incredibly selfless in using what little time she has left to raise funds for Cancer Research UK and Bowel Cancer UK.

“As Deborah said, the Bowel Babe Fund will help fund clinical trials and research into personalized treatments for cancer patients, as well as support colorectal cancer awareness campaigns. This could include the development of new drugs as well as new methods for early detection of cancer.

Deborah’s work over the past five years to promote awareness of the signs of colorectal cancer and the value of early detection in increasing survival has saved and extended many lives,” the statement said. Ms James had previously spoken to the BBC of her relationship with her family, saying they “really cared” about her and that she “adored” them.

“I have a wonderfully lovely family that I adore,” Ms James told the BBC. Honestly they are amazing and all I wanted to do was come here and relax knowing I was fine. » Duri.

Salary of Sebastien Haller

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