Santo Season 2: Netflix has already scheduled the release date?

Millán and Cardona have finally identified the famous “Santo” and against all odds, it was Barbara! The latter managed to escape with her henchman and Cardona took the opportunity to disappear as well … The end of the sixth episode clearly suggests that the season 2 of Santo will arrive soon on Netflix but when?!

After waking up in the hospital, Millán consults his phone and comes across a video of his daughter who has been taken hostage by Barbara … With this leverage, the trafficker is almost certain to get out of it without any problem but will Millán agree to give up his principles for his family ? Answer in the season 2 of Santo !

We reveal all the information we have about the release date of Santo season 2 on Netflix

The new Spanish original creation is a huge success, the six episodes have been exciting and we have not seen the time pass by following this thrilling investigation! The exceptional end gives us only one desire: binge-watch more ! We think that it is very likely that Santo season 2 is already ready to be put online. From our experience, it is more than possible that twelve episodes were filmed at the same time. Then Netflix divided the plot into two parts in order to make the pleasure last.

However, the streaming platform has not confirmed that a sequel has been ordered so we will have to wait a while before we get confirmation that new episodes will arrive soon.

The actors did an outstanding job, including Bruno Gagliasso who recently said in an interview for Variety,  From the script, I felt that this would be one of the most intense characters of my career. I immediately identified with Cardona’s strength and determination. It was the most visceral preparation of my life. I had to go to very deep places, access my hell and find my demons to build Cardona 

The fiction is clearly a success and we are sure that the subscribers of the streaming platform will be under the spell of this Spanish thriller. With this incredible cliffhanger, the creator of the series (Carlos López) clearly reveals that he has already started writing the script of the second season of Santo. Currently, there has been no official announcement about a possible sequel which will probably depend on the ratings of the first season.

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Santo season 2 trailer to be released soon?

Si the season 2 of Santo has already been filmed so the trailer will be published on social networks in a few months. In the event that Netflix has ordered only six episodes, then we will have to wait until the end of next summer before we see our heroes again. In any case, as soon as there is new information, this article will be immediately updated.

What is the release date for Santo season 2 on Netflix?

As we explained to you earlier, it is highly likely that six more episodes are already ready to be released online. In that case, the release date of the season 2 of Santo will be in February or March 2023. However, if the sequel has not been filmed in advance, then the wait may be very long and the new episodes will not arrive until late summer 2023 in the best case …

Even if it is only six episodes, the production implies a huge workload since the shooting takes place on two continents! This requires an incredible organization but we suppose that the producers would not have taken the risk to film only six episodes … Waiting for more information on the season 2 of Santodiscover the new roles of Melissa Fumero and Andy Samberg.