Santo Netflix: The hunt for an invisible drug trafficker

The new original creation takes place between Brazil and Spain and immerses us in the investigation of two policemen (Millán and Cardona) who try to get their hands on the most powerful trafficker in Brazil : Santo the problem? The man he is looking for has no face since nobody knows his identity!

The men of Santo consider him as a demigod and they will never betray him, so how will our two heroes be able to put an end to his traffic? One thing is certain: there is no turning back for them since now, Santo is aware of their existence which implies that their life expectancy is unfortunately not very high anymore…

Santo on Netflix: Discover the trailer of the Spanish series

The first images of Santo reveal a police thriller under high tension directed by Carlos López (El Principe). Our two heroes have almost no chance of survival but they know that Santo is looking for his mistress “Barbara” and this woman could make him make some mistakes …

The first season of Santo is composed of six episodes and it will take you exactly 271 minutes to binge-watch the series, that is 4h31. One evening is more than enough time to watch the hunt for the invisible gangster.

Who is in the cast of Santo on Netflix?

The two policemen will be interpreted by Raúl Arévalo (The more the merrier, Black Beach) and Bruno Gagliasso. It is Victória Guerra (Glória, The Domain) who was selected to play the mistress of Santo. We do not know yet who will interpret the latter. We will also have the pleasure of seeing the performance of : Greta Fernández, María Vázquez, Thomas Aquino, Daniel Horvath and Iñaki Mur.

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What is the release date for Santo on Netflix?

The six episodes of the original creation have already been released on the catalog of the American company since the release date of Santo on Netflix was planned for Friday, September 16, 2022. It only remains for you to go binge-watch the adventures of Millán and Cardona and if you do not feel like watching a serious fiction, you can always discover If you revenge me … a feature film without headaches with an incredible cast!