Rorschacherberg accident today

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Rorschacherberg accident today

Rorschacherberg accident today – Pedestrians and a silo bale wrapping machine were involved in a collision on Friday June 18, 2021 at 12:40 p.m. on Goldacherstrasse in Berlin. A 58-year-old woman was killed immediately after a collision with a car and died of her injuries.

According to current knowledge, a 70-year-old farmer drove from Rorschach to Goldach in his agricultural vehicle with a hay bale wrapper attached. Winder on Goldacherstraße, level Bleiche 1, turned onto the street for unclear reasons.

The winder knocked down a 58-year-old resident and seriously injured him. Despite emergency medical treatment and rescue, the Swiss died at the scene. The cantonal police of St. Gallen have now reported in detail on the events leading up to the shooting.

In addition, the St. Gallen cantonal police, the local fire brigade and the St. Gallen public prosecutor’s office as well as an emergency doctor and an ambulance were on site.

The 70-year-old drove his agricultural vehicle with an attached hay bale wrapper from Rorschach to Goldach. The winding machine attached to Goldacherstraße was diverted onto the sidewalk for reasons that are still unclear.

A 58-year-old woman suffered life-threatening injuries when she was struck by the winding machine. The Swiss woman died accidentally despite rapid medical treatment by an emergency doctor and paramedics. The entire process is currently being clarified by the cantonal police of St. Gallen.

In addition to the cantonal police, an emergency doctor and an ambulance, the St. Gallen fire brigade and the St. Gallen public prosecutor’s office were also on site.

Rorschacherberg accident today

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