Rogue Squadron film directed by Patty Jenkins reportedly cancelled

The film by Rogue Squadronby Patty Jenkins was reportedly canceled. During the D23 event, Disney defined the release date of multiple films and left others out of its plans. The Jenkins-directed film, which was to hit theaters on December 23, 2023, is off the calendar.

DiscussingFilm and other media report that Rogue Squadron disappeared from Disney’s radar which would mean two things: the film is either cancelled or will remain in the freezer indefinitely. Patty Jenkins’ commitments to Wonder Woman 3 and the COVID-19 pandemic caused production delays. Added to that are rumors that the director would have abandoned the project due to creative differences.

Sources close to Disney confided to Matthew Belloni, editor of. The Hollywood Reporterthat the micromanagement by Lucasfilm executives ultimately frustrated Jenkins who jumped ship. Although Rogue Squadron has not been officially cancelled, the departure of its director occurs in a similar way to other projects, such as David Benioff and Dan Weiss’ trilogy.

When the creators of Game of Thrones signed with Lucasfilm to produce three Star Wars films thought they would have creative freedom. Weiss and Benioff intended to move away from the Skywalker saga and explore the origin of the Jedi, however, Disney had other plans. Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm, and a select group of executives usually review the plot point by point, which causes displeasure in the directors.

Rogue Squadron may have been the best film of Star Warsbut Disney is interested in the series

Rogue Squadron could become one of the most important films of Star Wars. Originally announced during Disney Investor Day in late 2020, the film debuted to great fanfare. In a short video, Patty Jenkins shared her passion for speed and promised to produce the best racer movie of all time.

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The film, based on the famous Rebel Alliance squadron, would have been. the first of Star Wars to be directed by a woman. With Patty Jenkins at the helm, Disney had a chance to win back fans. What the world didn’t count on was that The Mandalorian and other Disney Plus series would dictate the immediate future of the saga.

Rogue Squadron is not the only project abandoned by Patty Jenkins to give priority to Wonder Woman 3. In December it was confirmed that the filmmaker vacated the director’s chair for Cleopatra, starring Gal Gadot. The film, which seeks to revive the times of the great productions, will now be directed by Kari Skogland, director of Falcon and The Winter Soldier.