Robert Steinhäuser Parents Today

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Robert Steinhauser Parents Today

Robert Steinhäuser Parents Today – The parents of the 19-year-old shooter who killed eleven teachers and five others, then himself at the Gutenberg-Gymnasium in Erfurt on April 26, 2002, Christel and Günter Steinhäuser, have remained in their hometown. In the “Thüringer Allgemeine”, his mother explained in 2003: “If we can no longer live here, we can no longer live anywhere”. The memory is impossible to forget. He would hunt you down anywhere in the world. “Besides, no one pointed fingers at us,” remarked the father. On the contrary, we have seen that acquaintances and employees become true friends. And we received almost 1,500 letters, which means incredibly yes, of course.

We were afraid to open them. So what can we expect? However, only two letters held us accountable for Robert’s actions. We found words of comfort and sympathy from everyone, which gave us courage. However, parents find it difficult to accept this reality. Christel Steinhäuser is a German actress.

“When I go to work I have to concentrate, but there’s always an inner movie going on in my head.” When I meet young people, I immediately think of Robert. The son and I had a strained relationship. She wanted to have an abortion, but the deadline had passed her. She noticed that the fetus was restless. The infant suckled strongly and aggressively during breastfeeding.

When he returned to live with his mother in 2010, Breivik reportedly wore a face mask around the house, allegedly for fear of contagion. Speaking to psychologists in prison, Breivik described his mother as his Achilles heel and expressed his wish that she would not come to his hearing: “She is the only one who can make me lose my mental balance.” aggressive and full of quirks. According to the media, Wenche Breivik was very close to his daughter.

Anders Breivik’s single mother, Wenche Behring Breivik, died 20 months after her son went on a rampage. In 2011 he killed 77 people in Norway. His mother was later diagnosed with cancer and suffered from mental illness. She visited her son in Ila Maximum Security Prison before she died. Tord Jordet, Breivik’s lawyer, said: “Both understood that this would be their last meeting.”

“The news of his death hit him like a slap in the face.” The parents of the pilot who lost control of Germanwings flight 4U9525 over the Alps have not yet spoken publicly. They have not yet visited the scene of the accident in the French Alps, despite claims to the contrary. Patricia Willaert, the prefect of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence department, explained it.

His parents were separated from other mourners and transported to an undisclosed location after their 27-year-old son killed 149 people. To date, they have not returned to their country of origin. Lubitz seems to have had a typical childhood. “His parents gave him wings, he was encouraged,” a neighbor of his grandparents told BILD.

Robert Steinhauser Parents Today

But he wasn’t overprotected and didn’t grow up in a particularly rigid household. Andreas Lubitz’s parents are not the only ones to suffer from the actions of their children, whose lives have been turned upside down. Her father is a bank clerk, her mother an organist in the Protestant church, and they lived in peace and order in the small village of Montabaur.

Then the Germanwings 4U9525 plane crashed in the Alps. At the wheel was the couple’s son who investigators say acted knowingly. The fatal pilot and 149 other passengers perished after a steep eight-minute dive and crash. How do parents feel after such an act? Teacher. Trauma expert Dr. Borwin Bandelow told BILD, “You’re in shock and you’ll blame yourself.”

They don’t know what they could have done wrong in their upbringing. How parents of shooters react to their children’s behavior and how they handle allegations. Joachim Wille and Matthias Thieme The perfect world collapses Weiler zum Stein, a 1970s neighborhood with a modest cul-de-sac.

Tim K.’s parents live in the house where the police arrive. An hour earlier, Tim K. had shot dead eight schoolgirls, a schoolboy and three teachers in the nearby town of Winnenden. The 17-year-old is still going wild around town when the police call him. He then shoots three other people trying to escape, followed by Tim K.

He shoots himself in the head. Not only the 15 families who unknowingly said goodbye to their children or partners that morning, but also the killer’s parents experienced the most horrific day of their life. They also had to say goodbye to a youngster. After that day, nothing will ever be the same for her. And like the parents of other young assassins before them, Tim K’s parents also face the question of whether she was involved in the massacre.

Tim K.’s parents fled the country. They are with their 15-year-old daughter in a secret location that only the police know about. A way to escape the media that had surrounded his house. Probably by the neighbors of the family, who describe her as wealthy and hardworking. They were at the coroner’s office two days after the shooting to say their final goodbyes to their son.

“They are crying just as much and are deeply shocked,” said his lawyer Achim Bächle. Every day they pondered the question, “Why did this happen?” Does Tim K’s family plan to return to their hometown? According to the lawyer, it is still pending. The parents wrote an open letter to the public on Tuesday evening. They expressed their condolences to the families of the victims and wondered aloud, “Why didn’t we notice his despair and his hatred?” Until this tragic incident, we were a completely normal family.”

Robert Steinhauser Parents Today

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