Rings of Power Episode 4 : Who is Adar?! Arondir in a desperate situation?

After witnessing the death of Revion, Arondir was finally not executed by the Orcs who decided to introduce him to Adar. Unlike last week, only one episode has been uploaded on Amazon Prime Video but that’s quite normal since the American company has decided to follow a weekly broadcasting rhythm and will offer a new episode every week starting today.

The last seconds allowed us to see the silhouette of this famous character who seems to be an Elf. Adar means “father” in the elven language imagined by Tolkien which implies that he is probably the leader of the orcs and therefore the big villain of the first season? We will have more explanations in episode 4 of the Rings of Power !

The Rings of Power Episode 4 : The series explodes all records on Prime Video ?

The first two episodes were viewed by 25 million subscribers in just 24 hours allowing the series to become the most popular drama of all time on Amazon Prime Video. So will the third episode manage to gather as many people? Answer in a few days.

As last week, the streaming platform did not share any promotional material about Episode 4 of Rings of Power but we can expect to have some pictures of the next episode in a few days. Hallbrand’s origins have finally been revealed, it seems that he is part of the line of kings of the Southlands who have sided with Mordor. So why does he refuse to take his rightful place?

The Rings of Power Episode 4: Trailer not yet available?

The first images of the next episode have unfortunately not yet been put online by Prime Video. We think that in a few days, promotional pictures will be published on social networks and in the meantime you can still watch a trailer of the episode 4 of the Rings of Power imagined by one of the fans of the series:

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What is the release date for episode 4 of Rings of Power on Prime Video?

The streaming platform has already revealed the release schedule of the event series, so until the end of the first season, an episode will be uploaded every week and there is no break that has been planned. This means that the release date of episode 4 of The Rings of Power has been set for Friday, September 16, 2022 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. In the meantime, you can still discover “The Imperfects”, the new original creation signed by Netflix.