Prepare your wallet: HBO Max may soon increase in price

HBO Max is about to enter a restructuring process as part of its merger with Discovery+. This move, announced by Warner Bros. Discovery just in early August, will mark a before and after for the platform. It is not yet known what name the service will adopt as a result of this unification, what we can already take for granted is that they will be introducing a new pricing scheme which will not be positive for subscribers’ pockets.

If HBO Max has distinguished itself for something since its launch, and even before when content was only available through HBO Go and live channels, it is for the quality of its series and movies. In fact, the platform led the nominations for the 2022 Emmy Awards. This situation alone, coupled with the considerable number of productions that will be added after the merger with Discovery+, the subscription price increase is only a matter of time.

Of course, Warner Bros. Discovery is already preparing for the hike. Speaking at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia, Gunnar Wiedenfels, the company’s chief financial officer, anticipated changes in membership costs (via The Verge The reason? It considers the current prices of HBO Max and Discovery+ to be “undervalued.” given the quality of their original content.

Now, Wiedenfels also believes that, in its current state, HBO Max is not the perfect service. He points out that its interface is not as good and “clean” as Discovery+’s., hinting that the merger will be a benefit to the user experience of the former. As you can see, at Warner Bros. Discovery they are starting to pave the way to have elements that will justify an upgrade in the near future.

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Can a price increase on HBO Max be justified?

The House of the Dragon
Certainly, the current perception about the future of HBO Max is not exactly good and with an imminent price hike the outlook is not getting any better. It should be remembered that the service was born under the umbrella of other management, but with the recent birth of Warner Bros. Discovery, the future strategy is in the hands of people whose vision is very different. The general feeling is that much of the company was mismanaged, especially in financial terms, and needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

How will subscribers receive this news? To be honest, it’s a bit of an unknown. The normal thing would be to think that there will be a massive upset as has happened, for example, with Netflix price increases. However, HBO Max is in a different position. Its content production strategy prioritizes quality over quantity, which is why series such as Game of Thrones, Succession, Chernobyl o Euphoria just to mention a few, have reached the top.

So perhaps current HBO Max users won’t expose as much dissatisfaction by shelling out a few extra dollars/euros/pesos. After all, if the company keeps up the pace of producing high-quality original content, they have a way to support a cost increase. As long as it’s not disproportionate, of course.

If their plan goes off without major hiccups, HBO Max and Discovery+ will begin their fission during the spring of 2023.

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