#Philo : Sapere Aude Season 3: Netflix has already scheduled the release date?

Graduation has finally happened and our hero will soon be teaching at the university. The last episode of the second season seems to definitively close the story of the fiction so is it Season 3 of #Philo: Sapere Aude has been ordered by Netflix ? Unfortunately, it is not the streaming platform that will be able to make this decision since it is not an original creation.

The series has been airing on the Spanish channel Movistar+ since 2019 and it was they who decided the fate of our heroes. The new episodes seem to have been very appreciated by the viewers but as always, the reviews will have little importance since we live in a world where the ratings always have priority …

We reveal all the information we have on the release date of season 3 of #Philo: Sapere Aude on Netflix

We regret to inform you that the series has unfortunately been cancelled. Season 3 of #Philo: Sapere Aude will therefore never see the light of day on Netflix. The ratings of the spin-off were not up to the expectations of the channel Movistar + which took the decision not to renew the adventures of Pol.

In an interview for FormulaTV, the creator of the series said: ” This is really the last season. It’s the end of a journey that’s lasted many years and to end it this way is very satisfying for me.” We can already be grateful that the Spanish channel has agreed to produce a second season because it was not a foregone conclusion!

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It is still possible that the streaming platform with the red logo decides to save the series and agrees to produce season 3 of #Philo: Sapere Aude as it was the case for Manifest or again Lucifer but this is very unlikely. The fiction does not seem to have enough potential and the scenario would risk going in circles. It is better to stay on this happy ending imagined by the creator of the series.

What is the release date for season 3 of #Philo: Sapere Aude on Netflix?

So the release date for season 3 of #Philo: Sapere Aude will never be announced by Netflix since the series has been cancelled. Héctor Lozano (the author of the books on which the spin-off is based) announced to the fans that he did not intend to extend the story of Pol. So this is the end of the universe imagined by Héctor Lozano and even if you are sad not to be able to binge-watch season 3 of #Philo: Sapere Aude there are plenty of original creations waiting for you on Netflix!