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Peter Aight Family

Peter Acht Family – Basel was born in Bern in 1939 and studied economics and history in Berlin, Paris and Bern. His wife and children were born to him. Ahnen has been a journalist since 1962.

He began his journalistic career as a shortwave reporter for the Swiss Shortwave Service in Bern, Switzerland (now Schweizer Radio International). He then worked as a reporter and correspondent for newspapers and radio stations in Caracas and Madrid.

He joined Schweizerischer Rundfunk in 1974 as producer and presenter of the “Tagesschau” and member of the board of directors. Achter has been a foreign journalist since 1986, four years in Washington.

One of Peter Acht’s most notable experiences occurred during the Tiananmen Square Massacre in Beijing in June 1989. The Chinese government’s use of force resulted in the deaths of many peaceful protesters in Beijing.

It was a terrible ordeal. A former correspondent told SRF in an interview after she left in early 2020 that the violence was “everywhere you look”.

Demonstrators have used violence in their protests. Conducting business in Tiananmen Square has always been a punishable offense in Chinese culture.

Chinese 30-somethings, says Peterchten, “have no idea what was happening a generation ago.” China, on the other hand, will have to deal with the consequences of its past as soon as possible.

The strictly bourgeois publishers of the time refused to print this story. Much to our dismay, Peter revealed his injuries and his dismay to his competitor, the prestigious and leftist National-Zeitung (NZ), but he didn’t give up!

As far back as I can remember, one of them was obvious: his unwavering sense of fairness. Because borders had to be crossed, information had to be made public. We also followed in his footsteps. When he made his decision, he was fully aware of the consequences.

Peter Aight Family

If you’ve been following him for a while, you’ve probably heard him say: I’m convinced that as a local and regional journalist, you have the best tools for your job.

There are many differences between reporting from China and reporting from the reader’s immediate community. Peter Acht, longtime correspondent for Swiss radio and television SRF in the Far East, has died at the age of 82. The moderator and producer of “Tagesschau”, according to SRF on Thursday, had previously worked with the widely traveled eighth.

He was also the magazine’s editor. In the event of death, the SRF relies on the death notice. Eighth was born in the interwar period, the year of the Great Depression. Born in Basel, he graduated in history and economics from the universities of Berlin, Paris and Bern. In 1962, he began his career as a journalist. At shortwave broadcaster Schweizer Radio International, Achter started as a news editor at SRF.

Caracas and Madrid were two other cities where he worked as an investigative journalist for newspapers and radio stations. Schweizeren hired him as editor in 1974, where he worked as producer and presenter of the news program “Tagesschau”. Working as a Far Eastern journalist since 1986, he spent four years working for television in Washington, DC.

He was born in Basel in 1939 and later studied history and economics in Berlin, Paris and Bern. Eighth has been a journalist for 50 years. Service Suisse Ondes Courtes (Radio Suisse Internationale) Editor-in-chief, journalist and radio correspondent in Caracas and Madrid, journalist and radio correspondent in Caracas and Madrid

In 1974, while working for the Société Suisse de Radio-Télévision, he was promoted to editor-in-chief and co-producer of the “Tagesschau”. For the next four years, Eighth worked as a correspondent in the Far East.

Peter Acht became a colleague and friend to me in 1969 when I first met him. At that time, the Basel transport companies massively increased their fares. Because of this, groups like POB and the students were motivated to get things done. In several cases, they occupied the tram tracks for days, preventing tram operations. They demanded a free tram. Violent clashes erupted between protesters and police.

Peter and his son were able to witness one of these performances from afar, as he explained to us later. Despite this, he fell victim to the massive police operation after being caught up in the chaos. As a local employee of the former “Basler Nachrichten”, he tried to make the information public.

Consistent perception of good and evil

When it came to printing the article, the editors, who were mostly bourgeois-oriented at the time, gave up. The former leftist of the National-Zeitung did not give up; He spoke to us at the competition and shared his hurts and dismay. One thing was clear: even then, he had an unwavering sense of fairness.

Peter Aight Family

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