Parts of Apple’s augmented reality glasses leak out

All indications are that 2023 will be the year we finally see Apple’s augmented reality glasses, also known as Apple Glass. Proof of this are the rumors indicating a near launch, as well as multiple leaks about features and technical details. The latest news about this upcoming device, however, goes a bit further. Images have surfaced showing some of the internal components of this viewfinder.

Photographs of the components of Apple’s augmented reality glasses, in particular, have been leaked by an anonymous Twitter user, which, as highlighted by Macrumorsoften shares “accurate information” on Apple components.

They show what they appear to be ribbons that will encircle the rim of the lenses. and which will be used to connect the display components to a board. Another of the images shows a strip with different cameras or sensors that could be intended for facial or environmental expression recognition.

Apple Glass internal component

Apple GlassApple Glass

Unfortunately, the user does not appear to have shared images of the glasses’ chassis, so it is complicated to know what their design will look like. The rounded shape of the strap, however, seem to reveal that Apple Glass will feature a circular designalthough they may not necessarily inherit the look of conventional glasses. In fact, some renders show a headset more similar to the Meta Quest.

Design team advised against launching Apple glasses this year.

Interestingly, hours before these images appeared online, Financial Times revealed that members of the project advised against announcing Apple Glass during 2023. The reason? Concerns about their design. The Cupertino firm’s design team suggested waiting until they had lighter glasses ready.

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Tim Cook and Jeff Williams, head of operations at Apple, however, pressured the team to have a first version ready later this year. with a design less like traditional glasses.

At the moment, the release date for Apple Glass is unknown, but it is likely that we will see the first official details during WWDC 2023, which could be held during the month of June.