Our Murderous Mother : A series inspired by real-life events to be found on Netflix!

Reports that revisit tragedies that occurred in the United States attract many subscribers in search of thrills. Our Murderous Mother should live up to expectations as the miniseries will tell us the story of a woman who went on a terrible killing spree.

A mother of two, Lori Vallow was a model wife whose extremist religious beliefs unfortunately contributed to her dementia. With her fifth husband, she began to adopt religious beliefs predicting a coming apocalypse that no doubt led her to murder her two boys.

Our Murderous Mother: A Woman Goes on a Murderous Spree

Lori Vallow and her husband are now charged with the murders of their two children even though it appears that it was Lori who decided to murder her boys so that they could live a better life in the afterlife … When the authorities began searching for the missing children, the couple decided to flee but Lori Vallow was found in Hawaii.

Her husband was then arrested since the bodies of the two children were found in his garden. In addition, he is the main suspect in his ex-wife’s murder. Our murderous mother will tell us a crazy story which unfortunately really took place in the United States …

What is the release date for Our Murderous Mother on Netflix?

The docu-series was released on Wednesday 14 September, 2022 on the streaming platform. It is composed of three episodes that trace this terrible story. If you are not interested in this kind of documentary, you can always discover The Missing of Lorenskog.

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