New photo and special article for Princess Victoria’s 45th birthday

“She is preparing more and more for her role as queen”

It is unusual for the Crown Princess to take a horse-drawn carriage on her birthday, as this means of transport is otherwise reserved for major royal events. Nobility expert Ulrik Ulriksen told Danish newspaper ‘Billed-Bladet’ that there is probably a special meaning behind it. He points out: “It is clear to me that the Crown Princess is preparing more and more for her future role as Queen of Sweden. Usually we see horse-drawn carriages at big events like weddings, so I think it’s a evolution.”

The family travels a longer distance in a horse-drawn carriage: “This ensures that all royal fans have the opportunity to see and greet the Crown Princess.” The expert also believes that this option is more crown-friendly.

Victoria Awards Victoria Scholarship

Victoria’s brother, Prince Carl Philip, and his wife, Princess Sofia, along with Princess Madeleine, the birthday girl’s younger sister, join them at Borgholm Palace. And the Crown Princess traditionally awards her Victoria Scholarship – this year to skier Ebba Årsjö. She won a bronze medal and two gold medals at the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Games. There’s a party tonight.

July 13, 2022: Members of the Swedish royal family in their leisure gaze walk to the summer concert in Borgholm. (Source: IMAGO / TT)

The Swedish royal family showed up together for a concert in Solliden on Wednesday evening. Also present was Princess Estelle, the ten-year-old daughter of Victoria and Daniel. However, the couple’s six-year-old son, Prince Oscar, was not present.

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