Netflix aims to reach 40 million viewers with its cheap, ad-supported plan by 2023

Netflix continues to polish the details of the launch of its cheap and ad-supported subscription, which would arrive on November 1. In the last few hours, The Wall Street Journal accessed some of the projections about the number of viewers the streaming platform aims to reach with its new plan.

The numbers were delivered to potential advertisers with which the company intends to reach an agreement to add them to its commercial portfolio, and they are really interesting. The most notorious data indicates that Netflix plans to reach 40 million unique viewers by the end of 2023.

Note the reference to “unique viewers” and not to “subscribers”, since they are not the same thing. The fact is that when referring to viewers, all those who live in the same house and can access the service are included. It is necessary to see how this statistic translates into subscribers. (which is sure to be lower), but no projections are known at this time. After all, the company is trying to keep all developments related to its ad-supported subscription under wraps.

What the report from WSJ is that, of the 40 million unique viewers it is targeting by the close of next year, just over 13 million would be from the United States. The remainder would come from other international markets that, presumably, would be the first to have access to Netflix’s new cheap plan: Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Spain, Italy, Germany, France and the United Kingdom..

If its November launch is confirmed, Netflix’s expectations before the end of this year are more austere, and rightly so. According to the aforementioned report, it expects to reach 4.4 million unique viewers in the last two months of 2022.

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Netflix finalizes details for the launch of its subscription with ads

Netflix decided to launch a cheap plan with ads only after suffering a sharp drop in subscribers. However, despite confirming its decision, the platform has not yet provided official details regarding its cost and operation. However, a lot of information has come to light since then.

On the one hand, Netflix teamed up with Microsoft to provide it with the necessary technology to display advertising content. It also became known that the company has chosen a rather aggressive commercial strategy and not exactly economic to approach potential advertisers. This has not gone down well with many brands, which consider that advertising on the service will be expensive and will not offer too many options for positioning and segmentation of ads.

As for the subscription itself, it would not include the full Netflix catalog nor would it allow content to be downloaded for offline playback. However, users would be able to access ad-free titles, since the platform’s original productions would not show ads. As regards price, there is speculation that it could cost between 7 and 9 dollars per month.