Narco-Saints Season 2 : Netflix has already planned the release date?

What does that baseball really mean? Yo-Hwan’s empire has now been dismantled but Kang In-Gu has gained nothing by working with the NIS and he will obviously get no recognition. This lack of consideration could push him to the dark side… So is there a season 2 of Narco-Saints has already been ordered by Netflix ?

The original creation is not just a fictional story since Yo-Hwan’s empire really existed. According to several South Korean media, the real trafficker (Cho Bong-haeng) was arrested in 2011 at a Brazilian airport and then tried in Seoul and sentenced to serve ten years in prison. It is therefore largely possible to to stage season 2 of Narco-Saints !

We reveal all the information we have on the release date of Narco-Saints season 2 on Netflix

Since Cho Bong-haeng’s conviction in 2011, the former baron’s daily life has remained very mysterious. Several rumors claim that he returned to settle in Suriname after serving his sentence. So is he back in business? It is highly possible! He probably managed his business from his cell… Besides, the series does not reveal what happened to the Coca field protected and sealed by the president of Suriname.

Several mysteries remain then it only remains to wait that Netflix decides to order season 2 of Narco-Saints. For now, the streaming giant has not yet announced whether the series will have a sequel. We will probably have to wait a few weeks before the renewal is confirmed by the American company.

In any case, the drama with Park Hae-Soo is currently a hit with subscribers as it is currently in third place among the most watched series in the world on Netflix! This is excellent news in favor of the season 2 of Narco-Saints ! Original creations inspired by real-life events very often achieve exceptional ratings and if you are looking for a new fiction to binge-watch, we can only recommend the excellent ” Narcos ” and its spin-off which are available exclusively on Netflix.

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Narco-Saints season 2 trailer to be released online soon?

If the original creation is renewed, then we will have to wait at least a year before knowing the continuation of the adventures of our heroes. The production of six additional episodes will require at least ten months of work and if Netflix delays ordering the season 2 of Narco-Saintsso the trailer won’t be released until early next summer.

What is the release date for Narco-Saints season 2 on Netflix?

As we explained to you earlier, the series has not been officially renewed, but it looks like the story may be extended. If the creator wasn’t planning to stage a sequel, then why so much emphasis on this mysterious baseball?

If Netflix agrees to produce six more episodes, then Narco-Saints season 2 release date will be in September or October 2023. We know that the streaming platform prefers to keep a yearly rhythm of diffusion when it concerns its original creations.