“My reflection in the mirror bothers me more often”

In a new Instagram post, the 30-something shares two photos of herself in the kitchen. She wears a white crop top and blue high waisted jeans. In the other photo, she folds up the waistband of her pants, exposes her custom, points and pouts.

“Don’t worry if your body doesn’t look like most moms in public life,” Anne told her fans. “It’s normal that everything is still wobbly and you don’t get into the old stuff.”

She herself must constantly remember this, as she openly admits. “My reflection in the mirror bothers me more often, especially now in the summer! And I have to keep thinking to myself, ‘Anne, that’s normal! You gave birth just under a month ago!'” Nevertheless, she finds it hard to accept herself.

Fans cheer on Anne Wunsch

In the comments, many women speak up, who speak well to the influencer. “Well I think you are going too crazy with the subject! You look great even though the little one has only been here four weeks. Give yourself and your body some time,” one typed. subscribed in the comments column. Another recounts her experiences: “I don’t find it damn difficult. Of course you look at your body and you’re happy when a few pounds fall off, but that’s not the most important thing now. And you really don’t have don’t worry!”

Anne Wunsch has two daughters, Miley and Juna. Juna’s father is influencer Henning Merten, also known for “The Summer House of the Stars”. With her current boyfriend Karim, she now had a son named Sávio.

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