Murder in the family of Stefan Mross: the verdict is in

In 2021, the cousin and aunt of hit star Stefan Mross were murdered. The accused has now been found guilty.

A 52-year-old former private detective has been sentenced to life imprisonment in Austria for the murders of two women. The women were cousins ​​of hit star Stefan Mross and their mother. The Salzburg Regional Court found it proven that the defendant, who confessed, killed the 50-year-old cousin and her 76-year-old mother with multiple gunshots in May 2021.

Due to the author’s dangerousness, the court ordered his admission to an “institute for mentally abnormal but sane offenders”. “From the point of view of the general prevention of the murder of women, the judgment has a deterrent effect,” said a spokesman for the court. Thursday’s verdict is not yet final.

The accused pleads guilty

The accused confessed to the crime on Wednesday. “I plead guilty to killing Mrs. Helga B. and her mother Ingrid,” he confessed, according to “Bild”. Why did he shoot the women? On the day of the crime, he was angry because several of his messages had gone unanswered, the defendant said. From his employer, a jeweler from Kitzbühel, he traveled to Wals-Siezenheim, 84 kilometers away – with two pistols and 106 cartridges.

He didn’t plan the act, it “burst on him like a waterfall”, the private detective said. He had a blackout, a “total loss of reality”. For the prosecutor, however, the murders are “a settling of scores, an unprecedented crime”. For months, the accused allegedly followed his latest victim and assaulted Helga B. after his advances went unanswered.

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