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Marlene Meier’s parents

Marlene Meier Parents -Marlene Meier Parents Born in January 1950 in Berlin, the youngest of three children. He moved around a lot with his parents and grew up in Mannheim, Stuttgart and Nuremberg, among other places. Music fascinated the little Möbius from the start: in 1961, he saw the film “Ben Hur” and fell in love with music.

He begins to play by ear the melodies of the composer Miklós Rósza on the piano. When he first heard them on the radio in 1963, he was seduced by the Beatles. At 14, he is a “dead admirer” of the Liverpool boys and their new music. For him, the answer is clear: he just wants to make music and write songs. He learned to play various instruments.

In Rio de Janeiro there is a music school and an apprenticeship. Although the son prefers music at school, the family has to move again: this time to Nieder-Roden near Frankfurt. Ralph was renamed Ralph by a friend in Rio in the city of Hesse and now carried that name. He ended up dropping out of school, as well as an apprenticeship as a photographer, to focus solely on music.

In January 1966, Rio met guitarist Ralph Peter Steitz, who was the same age, and hired him as a singer in his band. This chance encounter turned into a lifelong friendship. A year later, Rio accompanied his brothers to Berlin and eventually founded Hoffmann’s Komisches Theater with them. Rio is the house musician. “Destroy what destroys you”, one of the songs from this period, has become the anthem of a whole generation.

Despite his love of theater, he still wants to form a band and play German rock music. Together with his friend Steitz, bassist Kaisichtermann and drummer Wolfgang Seidel, Rio formed Ton Steine ​​Scherben September at the “Love and Peace” festival on the Baltic Sea island of Fehmarn in the summer of 1970 – and soon became became famous.

Jimi Hendrix will give his last concert at this renowned event. The ascent has begun for the new anarchist group in Rio. “Why do I feel so dirty? » is the first disc created and published. In 1972 the second LP “Keine Macht für Meine”, “No Power for Nobody”, was released and by then practically everyone in Germany had heard of the artists who had penetrated the heart of the leftist scene.

The songs form the non-violent contrast to the terrorist organization Red Army Faction, which is making a name for itself. Above all, they appeal to the souls of young people. The musicians of Ton Steine ​​Scherben founded the record company David Volksmund Production and released their records through them to escape the influence of the commercial music industry.

Marlene Meier’s parents

and his band from Berlin to Fresenhagen, Schleswig-Holstein, where they purchased an old farmhouse. He and his colleagues write in a specially equipped recording studio. It is also a film that transforms Möbius into Reiser: in preparation for his role as Johnny West in the TV movie of the same name, Rio Möbius wishes to change his surname, which sounds “too much like Doktorroman”.

It takes its new name from the work “Anton Reiser” by Karl Philipp Moritz. Rio Reiser received the German Federal Film Award Gold in 1977 for his portrayal. Several film roles followed. He released two more albums with Ton Steine ​​Scherben: When the night is deepest and IV, also known as The Black. Rio Reiser not only performs with his band, he also writes lyrics and music for other artists and made his first solo appearance in 1983.

Reiser sings melodies for solo piano by Marlene Dietrich, the Rolling Stones and his own compositions at the Kampnagel in Hamburg. Ton Steine ​​Shards broke up two years later, in 1985, and Reiser launched his solo career. 1986 was the most musically successful year of his solo career. With songs like “Alles Lüge” and “Junimond” from his debut album “Rio I” he stormed to the top of the German charts. “König von Deutschland”, the most popular song on the album, will always be identified with him: the “folk singer”, freshly anointed by the press, won his biggest hit there.

A year later, Rio Reiser joined the anti-nuclear movement and the Greens used his song “Alles Lüge” as their election campaign song. Two other solo albums are released by the restless artist. Although they will never surpass the commercial success of the first album, Reiser continues to work tirelessly. In 1989, he composed film music for the city of Unna, including a “crime scene”, played supporting roles in television films and wrote an opera for the city of Unna. Shortly after

Because he “always defended foreigners”, the musician joined the PDS in 1990 to express his dissatisfaction with the implementation of reunification and had the party choose its “King of Germany” for the campaign. electoral. The play has been unpopular for some time, with radio stations boycotting it. The singer can also be heard without the radio. Further concerts followed, with friends and former colleagues from Ton Steine ​​Scherben’s time, solo on the piano in the “Midnight Show” at the Schmidt Theater in Hamburg or as a guest on other shows of discussing.

Marlene Meier’s parents

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