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Marianne and Michael Fortune

Marianne and Michael Vermögens – They met in the early 1970s in Munich, where Marianne studied and Michael worked. They gained a large following in their folk-inspired musical duo. Today they can look back on a stage career spanning nearly 50 years! Personal and professional information.

After meeting in the late 1970s, Marianne and Michael began performing on stage together. In the 1980s, they began a career as a presenter as a duo on several folk music shows. Numerous music prizes have been awarded for his 50-year career.

In addition to presenting the “Superhitparade der Volksmusik” on ZDF, they gained a large fan base with their music show “Lustige Musikanten”. Now the Baldham-based couple, who have two sons, can look back on a nearly 50-year career on stage.

The Munich Platzl allowed Marianne and Michael to start their careers.

After working for several years as a tax clerk, she began her musical career with classical singing and the accordion. For the next three years, after completing his training as a locksmith, Michael focused on learning the guitar and singing.
These two were originally introduced as a singing couple in 1973 when they met at a bar called Platzl in Munich. We also find them a year later in their solitary feature film “Der Jäger von Fall”.

For Marianne and Michael, this is their big break in the entertainment industry

The final breakthrough in the music industry came at the first Folk Music Grand Prix in 1986. ‘ The duo came in ninth place with the song ‘Today is Dance’. A year later, they performed the song “Unser Land” from the ARD television lottery. Numerous television appearances followed.

Success stories of Marianne and Michael on ZDF

Marianne and Michael were a popular presenter team in the late 1980s. After winning the “Superhitparade der Volksmusik” on ZDF in 1996 with the title “Deutschland ist schee”, they were particularly successful with the music program “Lustige Musikanten “.

They did 100 from 1989 to 2007 when the show was canceled. The couple also appeared on commercial television in the early 1990s.

A change for Marianne and Michael

After many years of cooperation, ZDF and the BBC stopped in July 2007. According to the broadcaster, the contracts with Marianne and Michael were terminated. ZDF spokesman Walter Kehr justified the decision as “no legally guaranteed rights to the Beatles or folk music”.

Marianne and Michael Fortune

This controversial statement gave rise to the Working Group on German Folk Music and the Schlager. A lawyer was consulted to give his opinion on the existence or not of discrimination. The collaboration of Marianne and Michael had not yet been put on the back burner. Marianne

In November of the same year, the two announced on Johannes B. Kerner’s talk show that they would return to the camera in three shows for ZDF in 2008. For example, there was an outdoor show and a “preliminary decision for the folk music grand prize”.

From 2008 to 2010, the couple was still visible in these three television formats. While this program was ongoing in 2011, ZDF decided to make some changes. Marianne and Michael had to end their last three television appearances.

After that, the famous Schlager duo only appeared as a guest on a few TV shows. A new season of the popular game show “Dalli Dalli” featured the duo on January 30. From 2020 they were guests on the VOX show “Grill den Henssler”.

How long have Marianne and Michael been married? There are two possibilities. Although their first marriage was civil, it was the first time they had married.

37 years later, they finally got married in a church. It took place on September 9, 2016 in Rottach-Egern, Austria. For the third time in their lives, the couple are proud to be grandparents. In 2010, her eldest son Alexander gave birth to her first grandchild. In 2014, the first of three granddaughters was welcomed into the world. Stepdaughter Stephanie gave birth to the couple’s second grandchild, Ferdinand, in the spring of 2017.

As of this writing, they still live in Baldham, a suburb of Munich (in the Ebersberg district). Two years ago, the two announced the sale of their homes. Instead of keeping the 400 square foot mansion, they wanted something smaller and more accessible for seniors. In the end, nothing came of it.

They finally made the decision to completely renovate their house during the Corona period. Even so, they are not confined to the confines of their own home.

Marianne and Michael Fortune

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