Lol : Who laughs goes out ! Season 4: Amazon orders a sequel and a spin-off!

The third season of the show has completely exceeded the expectations of the American company. Thanks to its exceptional cast, the new episodes were massively binge-watched by subscribers. The streaming service has just confirmed that the season 4 of Lol: Who Laughs is out! has been ordered but that’s not all!

The American company has also decided to to produce a spin-off where the objective will be not to be afraid ! The presentation of this new show will perhaps be entrusted to Philippe Lacheau but for the moment this has not yet been confirmed.

Lol : Who laughs goes out ! Season 4 : What is the release date for the spin-off ?

If Lol season 4: Who laughs goes out! will not be set until early next year, it could be that the spin-off will be put online quickly. Several American media have reported that the streaming platform has been developing this project for a while and it would not be surprising if the French version is currently in production.

The biggest problem will be to convince eight new celebrities to participate in the show. How will the American company manage to do better than the third season’s cast? It’s hard to top the trio of the three comedians of the moment: Jonathan Cohen, Gad Elmaleh and Paul Mirabel.

The shooting of a show requires only 6 hours so it is possible that the new horrific spin-off will land on Prime Video before the end of the year! The longest thing is to manage to recruit the participants and to block a date which coincides with eight different and often overloaded schedules…

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