Lol: Who Laughs, Goes Out Season 3: Discover the incredible salaries of the participants!

The show that is currently a hit on Prime Video will offer 50,000 euros to an association but this is nothing compared to the salaries of the participants. If the salaries are exceptionally high, it’s because the original creation brings huge revenues to the streaming platform. A season 4 and a spin-off have been ordered by Amazon Prime Video.

We start with Philippe Lacheau who received more than a million euros to host this new season! Amazon had offered the same amount to Jean Dujardin but he refused. Knowing that the shooting lasts only 6 hours, this means that Philippe Lacheau was paid almost 3000 euros per minute! As for the participants, the fees were between 50 000 and 250 000 euros. Gad Elmaleh or Jonathan Cohen were obviously the best paid but the less well paid have nothing to be ashamed of because 50,000 euros for a dozen hours of shooting is already quite a bit.

Season 3 was the best launch in the history of the platform in France, so it was a very profitable investment for Amazon, which has already ordered a season 4 and a spin-off horror version! While waiting to know more about the future of the show, you should know that the release date of The Bear has just been revealed by Hulu.

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