‘Let’s Dance’ star Isabel Edvardsson shares rare couple photo

In 2003, Isabel Edvardsson fell in love with Marcus Weiß. Since then, the two have been a couple – and now they also let their fans share their romantic happiness.

Isabel Edvardsson has already shared nearly 1,000 snaps with her fans on Instagram. Most show the dancer at work. For example, you can see them in the studio of “Let’s Dance” or on the red carpet at various events.

There are hardly any private snapshots on his profile on the social media platform. The forties rarely appears there with her companion. But now she has surprised over 120,000 fans with a couple photo.

It broke out on the dance floor

Isabel Edvardsson and her husband Marcus Weiß sit arm in arm, their heads pressed together. Both are looking at the camera and smiling. She also shared a snap from earlier, which you can see by right-clicking on the post. The former “Let’s Dance” judge wrote of the two photos surrounded by red heart emojis, “19 years. 8 years of marriage.”

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