Leonardo DiCaprio’s advice to Timothée Chalamet on how to succeed: Don’t make superhero movies

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most acclaimed actors in modern Hollywood, so in addition to dating supermodels under 25 as a rule, he also has tips on how to succeed. Yes, he had a hard time getting the Oscar (and it wasn’t exactly because he didn’t try), but that doesn’t mean he’s not a reference when it comes to getting important roles.

The actor has given some advice to Hollywood’s newest star, Timothée Chalamet, who since. Call me by your namehas continued to appear in some of the most acclaimed films of recent years, such as Dune.

As revealed by the actor himself in an interview to. Vogue, Leonardo DiCaprio gave him some advice to stay on top of the wave. When they met for the first time in 2018, Leonardo DiCarpio bequeathed to him the two most important mantras of his career, and by which the actor, so far, has been governed: “No hard drugs and no superhero movies.”

To which, according to Chalamet himself, he responded in disbelief:  he said, laughing, not knowing what to make of that information, as noted in that interview.

Leonardo DiCaprio: No superhero movies… no hard drugs

Dune: Part 2
With the first we can pretty much agree, but with the second? Some of the most relevant young roles in today’s cinema have also been played by Have been forged as protagonists of superhero movies. And if not just tell that to Tom Holland.

DiCaprio and Chalamet shared the screen in Adam McKay’s 2021 satirical comedy. Don’t Look Up  which was released in limited theaters and on Netflix last December, and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture. And indeed, it is one of the streaming service’s biggest recent hits, and a film that is quite well received by audiences.

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For the moment, it seems that DiCaprio’s advice has led Chalamet in the right direction. As of today, he is a well-respected actor by critics and audiences alike. And he has several projects in the works. In 2023, the actor will play the young Willy Wonka in the Wonka Paul King’s Dune: Part Two, and is scheduled to reprise his role in Denis Villeneuve’s Dune: Part Two.